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Games got potential, though controls really screwed up for me and kinda put me off near the end, also other than the occasional sonic appearing  as far as i played it didnt seem like it had much to do with sonic (i could be wrong further into the game)

no idea how to play this but it scared the living shite out of me.. well done!! :') 

Heeey just did this game for my new YT video.. really enjoyed the game haha will for sure be making a second part or third or however many it takes :D 

I was the last comment 50 days ago and here i am again, i finally made my first episode of your complete game! im not going to lie i legit love this game so much and had so much fun doing a video on it and will for more episodes.

Haha genuinely gave me the creeps, just wish it was longer :)  *cough cough*


Played your game for my new video, really enjoyed it and will for sure do another video eventually, this game starts at 7:19 

Made a video today with my niece with your game.. its the first game in the video 

Make a video with my niece today on your game :D really good.. starts at 9:49

literally just made and uploaded my video to this game... played the older version in a older video and loved it.. played this one and still loved it :D

I do horror comedy gaming videos and i played your game for my most recent video :D absolutely loved the game, very very jumpy but made for a decent video 

thanks for the reply, ill deffo look into doing that next time for sure :D

Genuinely really enjoyed this game.. creeped the hell out of me lol you did a good job with making that Spanish Creepy Pasta come alive a little more!! :')


crazy right..  i didnt realize till i watched it back how much has changed, even for just 2 months haha

did this for a old video on my channel, came across it again today.. made me realize how much iv changed since my old videos, thanks for being a part of my development 

I made a video dedicated to our friend Momo..  you game is at the end (best for last)  yours come in at 11:30.. pleaase check out my video for it :)

Finally!! you wont want to miss this one ;)

Dark Deception comes int at 7:04

haha thanks for you comment back and glad you liked it :D

Literally love this game, will be making a video with the complete game on steam but here is the demo for now, the game starts at 15:47  i hope you enjoy

yooo i played a little part of your game , really like it and will be making a complete video of it at some point Penguin starts at 6:48

i was truly terrible at this game but i t gave a few good laughs and for sure a rage out :D game starts at 1:14 i hope you enjoy the video.

Game has great potential, i did terrible  haha but good game, heres the video from my channel

My game play on this.. well done for nearly killing me :'D

Yooo you asked me to play and i did.. gotta say pal, absolutely loved this, really hope you do end up making a full version 

as much as i hate clowns, i legit loved this game :D  heres my playthrough of it .. jumpscares got me a few times :D

Hey my sickass just played your game :) i did crap but i loved the idea of the game was very cool :D   even with being ill.

Howdy, my sickass just played your game for my channel, i loved it :) as much as i hate mannequins, i loved the game. starts at 7:26   

Literally just made my new video on this game, i literally loved everything about this game despite hating mannequins so much.. but it was a beautifully creepy game and i wish there was a longer version for sure!!!

Best creepout game iv played.. This game will deffo do my channel some good.. game comes in at 46 secs.

hahaha :'D this game had me in stitches, absolutely loved it !! game video comes in at 12:26.. beautiful game, shame i didnt find it at Christmas for my channel :'D

Haha glad you enjoyed the video, i will for sure be making a full lets play of it, i felt there was more i could do with it, i was just mmmmm drunk lol :'D when i do the letsplay ill for sure share it with you on here.

GREAT, very good game so much potential to make an awesome full horror game, got me good !! lol

First game out of the Horror category i played for my channel,  was great but p**ed me off! :'D

Your game comes in at 10:45. This game was awesome, really loved the style of it and it was creepily atmospheric .. would love a longer version of it.

Played this game as a drinking game for my channel, I enjoyed it very much and its proper intense :D

This game comes in at 13:20 , i enjoyed this game for the short time i played it, i will be doing a proper letsplay of it soon for sure..

lol used to watch Arthur growing up and this was an awesome little game, though i was terrible at it :D

I started playing this at 2:19  ... genuinely a very good game with loads of potential

Haha i was soo confused at this but i absolutely loved it..