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It's really really nice of you to say so, i'm more than happy to give you feedback about your amazing games! I don't really consider myself very smart, cool or famous, i'm just humble like you and i really hope you keep them games coming and hopefully gain a massive fanbase. About these YouTubers you mentioned, i've seen them and they really are cool too. Also that being said, i did beat Night 3 and 4 in TCBTW, her's the video :

These nights were really anxious (hence the title), but really enjoyed playing more.

You have a nice day, Andrea. Peace.

Also i wanna mention that you're possibly the only person i would accept to call me "young" or "kid", i usually hate being called like that, be proud for that haha!

Thank you! And thank you for the new video too!
About being "young"... well, it's not a bad thing at all. 👍😉
There's a huge difference between being a "kid" and to be called "young". The latter just means how old you are, and there's nothing wrong with that. And despite that, you're able to mantain a youtube channel, providing an almost daily quality content.
No matter what your age is, doing that requires a lot of efforts and creativity.
So, as you can see, there's so much you should be proud of too. 😉✌️

Okay, thanks for the info and really, i don't think it's that hard to have a YouTube channel and upload videos, you can have the time, choose the type of content you'll be uploading, i really enjoy them though, even if i'm not growing except slowly.

Thanks again! See you soon!