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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Did the shots get returned in starfox (and did it damage the enemy once returned) ? I thought they were just deflected, but I might be misremembering.

Man, you made me doubt a bit, so I have been trying it for an hour now and I cannot do it for the life of me ^^U So maybe the one that was misremembering was me, but I'd have sweared that you could, for real ^^U

Anyway, even if they cannot be returned in the original game, I think that would be a really cool game mechanic to be added :) I mean, the coolest pieces of my (probably wrong) memory from playing and playing Star Fox back in the days are the few times that I got to return their own shots to enemies (in my mind at least XD).

Maybe you could try to make that the player could kind of try to "aim" the deflected shots by pointing the ship to enemies? The easiest shots to hit the enemies (and your ship also XD) could be the plasma balls, because they have bigger collisions (in the original game at least).


No worries! I'll experiment a bit and see what works, I might randomise it so that there's a chance of them being returned 

That would be great!! :D

I'd say different types of shots from different enemies should behave differently, some deflectable, some not, and some bouncing back to deal good damage, could be tighter or looser timing widows for different shots as well as long as the levels teach the player these things, looking forward to checking this game out and hope it can play as well as it looks and sounds!