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I love the game and the latest release looks gorgeous!

But it is so broken that I will have wait for the next update.

The game constantly gets confused what metal types were used (makes you loose a lot money) and disassembles all weapons on load.

PLEASE dont rush updates in the future, its just not worth it.

Or provide hotfixes 1 or 2 days afterwards to maintain playability.

I hope you agree.

- a fan

there is a fix somewhere in here:


long story short: if you do single ingot things, drop the item on the anvil, and then remove it again and place it back again, this can be done quickly and ensures that the result is the ingot type :)

but only works reliable for single ingot items?


All other type of items have to work! I never had this happen for a 2 or 3 ingot type of item!

If you had this issue with, let's say a hammer and a great sword, there seems to be a bug about great swords. I think it can happen when you stack them on top of each other (or any buggable item ON a great sword)

It is being worked on already, so for now make sure you do the anvil dragging and are cautious about moving items over items [and watch out for notifications about "you created ********"

if this material does not match, you might have to re-heat the blade and re-craft it into what you want it to be, this fixed a mithryl great blade that was visibly purple but registered as "copper" ... for some reason....

good luck!