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I know this is a pretty new game, but optimization needs to happen for this. With its simple graphics, all on low, there is a horrible lag that makes it unplayable (about 1-5 fps. On epic graphics it's even worse, so it isn't just a graphics glitch or something). I know the game says 8GB RAM min (mine is 4 Max), it really should be 4 min considering the graphics are pretty simple and other games with graphics similar to this don't lag as bad as this one. I wish I could play it and give it a good review, but the lag is literally unbearable.

I would also like to point out that it might not be the graphics, but a memory leak. In some games I play, memory leaks can reek havoc on game that should be in most regards fast and simple.


Unfortunately you cant optimize a game that needs constant updates as it takes time to optimize and a lot of mbs. Aswell as this it would be a pain in the ass to do because if the program finds a mistake it tells you at the end not during


Lol, well hopefully in the future he optimizes it. I'm willing to wait :P


yeah man good game, it will be optimised when it comes out


what are your specs, because i run the game perfectly fine on all ultra at 1080p.

My specs

I5 2500k

NVIDIA GTX 1050 ti


if im not mistaken the game seems to be locked at 60 fps, but that's not very much of a problem for me.


My specs are pretty crap. Intel Graphics Card, 4GB RAM, and Intel Pentium. As I said, it's a toaster, but it runs games from of its caliber just fine.

I have been having those problems as well and my computer is beastly. It really sucks cause I want to play this update but can't because of lag.