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I liked the demo so much, I pre-ordered it! I can't wait to be able to play more.

One thing that did bug me a bit was the fact that I would sometimes be stuck waiting for the next sentence to pop up. I prefer to advance the speech by hitting the enter button rather then clicking my mouse but it would not advance sometimes till I hit it 10 times. Other then that, it looks great!

Pressing ENTER and using mouse to click is identical. Both produce the same result.

In which part did you try to advance? (If you mean the chibi animation and such, well, they can't be skipped with either ENTER / mouse).

it was in places like when I would practice in the mirror to increase charm, or randomly when talking to someone.

Ah, it's actually advancing. Take a look at the dots "."

If you're pressing enter, the dots will increase. When it's 3 dots it will advance to next textbox. Or easier to check, if there's a mic image at the end of the sentence, that means pressing enter will advance to next textbox. If there isn't a mic image at the end of sentence, it means that sentence is not finished yet and pressing enter will show the next text (in this case, only a dot appears so it appears to not be advancing...)

But anyway, it seems to be causing misunderstanding, so I'll probably just remove those 3 dots thingy lol.