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A member registered Feb 26, 2017

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Toru is just so dang cute I can't help but just hang with him lol.

also, I was playing the audition with the elephant and it had an error/coding/bug screen pop up. It's kind of funny though because it didn't show that I accepted the ramen and elephant auditions, just the rpg one. I was not expecting the audition lol.

I am loving the extended demo though. The wait was most definitely worth it. Toru is so cute :D

Playing through the extended demo and I think I may have found a bug. I am with Toru at the mall trying on clothes and there is no sound or picture other then MC's chibi.

it was in places like when I would practice in the mirror to increase charm, or randomly when talking to someone.

I liked the demo so much, I pre-ordered it! I can't wait to be able to play more.

One thing that did bug me a bit was the fact that I would sometimes be stuck waiting for the next sentence to pop up. I prefer to advance the speech by hitting the enter button rather then clicking my mouse but it would not advance sometimes till I hit it 10 times. Other then that, it looks great!