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I know this is a 3 month old prototype/proof of concept, which I've been playing on and off and having a lot of fun. The tension has gone down now that I realize the game isn't screwing with me, but I was legit terrified the first time playing. The concept of sanity loss made me think it might replacing the text with gibberish or screwing with the menus intentionally as the result of madness. It would be fun to see a fake-out blue screen of death, or draw cards that make absolutely no sense (or just extremely terrifying) when sanity gets low.

Jumpscares are cheap, but the constant paranoia of one would keep the tension up. Personally I'm relieved the game doesn't have any, because I'm a huge baby, but not knowing what COULD be next in the hospital deck is the sort of thing horror relies on. I needed to have some dreadful thing that could happen at any time to retain that tension. Currently the horror is all derived from the presentation of the art and sound, but it faded when I finally understood what was going on and it got predictable.

I could see this being primarily a tabletop card game sim, something like a single player horror themed Pandemic. But when you put the cards in a video game medium it has the potential to be so much more, but ultimately depends on which direction the dev wants to push.

I'm getting flashbacks of a boardgame called A Touch of Evil, which pastas may want to check out. I'm sure there are others like, but that game also has multiple location decks and you are working against great evil to win.

to be fair, this concept is more like eldritch horror/arkham horror than anything else.