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to be fair, this concept is more like eldritch horror/arkham horror than anything else.

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yes, perhaps a meta element is more fun, but I'm not exactly sure this kind of bug is what you are looking.


please accept my worship, great old one.

five hours? are you a god?

thanks, that would make the game more interesting with the added amount perks.

yeah I'll stop bothering you for now, so hyped for the next version! :D

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thanks a lot for the reply!

best of luck working on the game ^.^

also finally figured out what exp is for, you gain one random perk after you gain a level right? it might better so that you choose a perk out of a possible of three, but that might make the game less random.

not sure if it's a bug or not, but after some play through I found the steak knife to be kind of useless, you can equip it to gain a 1+2d roll if I remember correctly, but you can also just kick for for 1+2d roll, did I miss something? T.T

seems like there's a secret, not sure how to get it though.

Also just another minor suggestion of mine, but I feel like the use of elder god is kind of forced.

specifically the spiral god, I've read the manga Uzumaki and always feel like it's more of a cosmic event or a curse instead of just some sleeping god doing bad things, and it takes away a bit of the horror by personifying it a bit.

also by not limiting your mystery to elder god, it opens up more creative space and give this game a more distinct identity instead of Arkham horror/Eldritch horror clone, it's fine if you want to make a digitalized version of those two games, but in order to focus more on the Junji Ito aspect I feel you need a wider selection instead of different elder gods/bad guys.

of course others might feel differently and that a personified god is more terrifying than a cosmic event/curse/earthquake, so take my suggestion with a grain of salt.

played for a bit, overall a very nice demo, I'm sure you've heard about this already but you can keep increasing the character's stats infinitely by keep click equipping items, also can't equip box cutter.

it's not clear what exp does, but I'm sure it will be explained in the full game.

also it's kinda strange that the mystery just straight up ends without any conclusions, like fighting a boss or any summaries. but I'm sure it will be included in the full game.

another minor thing is fighting the monsters, since I don't get the meaning of exp, right now it's always better to escape than fight, maybe you can gain items from it but I don't remember that being the case.