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Hi, the game NEEDS options to rebind keyboard, and to disable rumbling gamepad.

Noted! Thank you for your feedback :)

Keyboard controls also behave in a very different way from the gamepad. We are planning to make them more similar, i.e., get rid of the "steering left and right" control scheme in favor of "point towards the desired direction". Player feedback strongly suggests that keyboard controls feel unintuitive.

What are your thoughts about this? Which control scheme do you prefer? Should we try to keep them both as a configurable option?

I tend to like "tank" control.

If i press "right", the character goes to its right, not to the right side of the screen. So if the character is currently going south, pressing "right" would make it going west.

So I guess having a configurable option would be welcomed. Do you think it would be also nice to have "tank" controls even when using the gamepad analog stick? Thanks again for the feedback, it is much appreciated :)

I always think that many options are never too many options. So, yes,  tank for keyboard and gamepad and joystick and magic stone and all.

Also, moving with keyboard, and pointing direction with mouse, would be nice. left/right would straff, and the mouse would "turn", like many arcade games do.

Thanks, we'll look into that!


Disable rumbling gamepad is now an option, as of version 0.6.4 :) Thanks again for your feedback!