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Finally a job that's perfect for Harold!  A copycat type minigame isn't something I see done well too often in RM games, so this was a fun game.

Unfortunately I couldn't finish the boss off, I didn't realize the things had to go in specific spots so I just pushed everything onto the rug haphazardly (this is what I get for not looking at the screenshots on the page... ^^;).  The pushing mechanic was a bit awkward, so I don't think I'll try again, but the idea of Harold as a trashman Sanitation Vindicator definitely got a laugh out of me!

Thank you hiddenone. Mechanic wise, I think my choice to keep the maps somewhat small affected the gameplay. The player just doesn't have enough wiggle room on any of the maps.  At the beginning, I knew I wanted to do a push-puzzle game, and Harold getting a job.

About that time, I had to fuss at my son to take out the trash... Harold soon found himself a new job.