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Hi, HeyJake!
I solved the problem of translating into a non-English vector font, it turned out to be easy, although not obvious ...

I can not fix this error:
After changing the display resolution, the mouse pointer moves to a limited area of the display (25-50% of the screen area), After re-opening the game, the mouse pointer works fine.
Those. After changing the resolution, do you need to restart the game? Can you fix it?
Perhaps you should change some lines in autoexec.cfg?
MB Z77HD3,  CPU Intel Core i5, RAM  16Gb, Video NVIDIA GeForce 560Ti , WD Gold 2Tb,  Monitors LG 24MP88HV, (or LG 24MP55D),  Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC; (or  Windows 7x64 SP1 Pro)

Im glad the problem was pretty simple in the end! And odd. I'll have to look into that sometime this weekend!

Apologies for the weird bug!