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BEING ONE 6 - BETA VERSION 0.5 - 24 FEB 2017

*Added New area. Will be the hub to the extra levels that the full version will have. You cant open the big yellow doors in the beta!!

*Find 10 data pads.

*Find 20 Crystals.

*Hack 1 computer and discover the story so far (in case you missed it)

*Added hand and gun shoot/idle animations.

*Added various sound FX, atmospherics and 3D Sounds.

*Minor bug fixes in game and in 3D level model.

Download it, check it out and please give me some feedback, ideas and comments.

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Coming along very nicely! I liked the hidden password :) The story is becoming quite interesting as well. I already have a theory/idea of who the Being is :) Also those nano soldiers, was not expecting that at all, gave me a good jump! Keep up the great work!


Thanks, more updates coming soon!!