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We like her a lot too! All the date options are characters from our previous games. Yanmei herself is from Eons Lost: Arrival. If you wanted more Yanmei that's where you can go!

omg i am so happy!! i going to take a look at your other games right now! and thank you so much for answering :)


It says I need a password to view the page?


You found a very old comment! The game in question was mobile-only, but due to not maintaining the iOS and Android versions (as well as the cost) it isn't available in the app stores anymore, and thus is (unfortunately) unavailable for play. This does make me quite sad personally as I still would love to explore the Eons Lost universe more, but perhaps it will come back in a new form one day.

In any case, I'm impressed somebody scrolled so far down to find this particular comment. It's weirdly heartwarming.

Just scrolled down this far to find this exact comment cause i liked her a lot and wanted more of her xD