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o meu jogo favorito da jam !! sério, extremamente inteligente e engraçado, vocês tão de parabéns <3


just downloaded!! will leave a review on google play <3

this was so nice!! the art and the music were so beautiful and soothing..., my only wish was for it to be longer! but i will follow to make sure i check your other works :)

i got the password (lvl1) from a walkthrough, but whats the explanation to 640 / 046?

oh i see!! but i totally agree, its best to polish it than to put a bunch of things that end up disconnected right? also the ideia of a part two really excites me!!

so cute and sweet uwu i want to go on more adventures with space frog!!

cute design, but i missed more interaction and options

im excited to see more :))

this was so nice and soothing to play!! i loved the colors, the soundtrack and the moviments; the balls and the character were very fluid, it made my heart smile :)

this is so cute and nice!! also i loved that there are multiple endings (i found two), it added a nice touch/finger lol :))

the game itself isnt scary, but the it was so tense that it made my heart skip a beat at the end; great construction!! 

ih acabei de reparar que o criador é br kkkkkkj brabo d+ mlk

my favorite part of the game is how it managed to talk about fake news in such a funny, interactive and palpable way; my kudos to the creator(s)<3

also i would like to thanks the creators, i was in the middle of crises (anxiety sucks...,) and this was a good distraction, and helped me to "ground" and go back to earth :) (sorry for my bad english, its my second language zdjhfssdjf

well, im stuck at level 70 (for now!!!) but i just wanted to say that this is amazing, so smart, so simple and nice :)))

i cant jump :/

and so he became king of the sea!

i love baby yoda

great work, and great puzzles! wish there was more to it tho, but besides that its amazing!!

omg i am so happy!! i going to take a look at your other games right now! and thank you so much for answering :)

i find it very hard to mix suspense and psychological horror, or at least to really conect with the story and feel the fear and discomfort that the genre promises; but this game was all of that and even more! it was so personal and sensitive, def one of my favorite games i found on!

horror asmr horror asmr horror asmr

this was lovely!! i enjoyed all of my dates, but i must say: yanmei was def my favorite heheheh


this was so random and funny!! def one of the best games i found on :)

super fun and cute!! i loved the design, and also how the main character is a BALLOON; sensational

(1 edit)

ok, so the endings i got (even if there are various ways of getting them) were:

 1. "you died alone"

2. "everyone survived but you made (...) the happiest" (mine was angel)

3. "you died but you made (...) really happy" 1. brownie (fav) 2. patches 3. angel 4. sparky 

are there any others? im curious heheh (also, once again: congrats and thank you for making such an amazing game!!!)

omg this was so fun and cute to play around with!!! i love literally everything about it (from the art style, to the music and story), but especially the multiple endings! it was amazing to replay it and make different choices just to see myself getting killed in other ways heheh

lovely game, and with a lovely message <3

how can something be so fun and so sad at the same time ??? i love it

i dont know if you are a guy or a girl, but anyway i love your games!!

28m38s and 240 deaths; but i dont regret it one bit!! love your work  dude!

how come that every single one of your games are so cool???

This game was so beautiful and strong; as a brazilian (where we have a president who calls the 21 years of military regime a "revolution", and defends all the violence and censure that occurred in that period), I can only say "thank you". You helped me - even if just for a moment - be less afraid of everything.

not only this is creative but super fun to play!! i love it, and im so excited to unlock the next game :)

wow, i love the little easter egg that appears when the game actually loads!! totally worth the wait :)