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lovely game, and with a lovely message <3

how can something be so fun and so sad at the same time ??? i love it

i dont know if you are a guy or a girl, but anyway i love your games!!

28m38s and 240 deaths; but i dont regret it one bit!! love your work  dude!

how come that every single one of your games are so cool???

This game was so beautiful and strong; as a brazilian (where we have a president who calls the 21 years of military regime a "revolution", and defends all the violence and censure that occurred in that period), I can only say "thank you". You helped me - even if just for a moment - be less afraid of everything.

not only this is creative but super fun to play!! i love it, and im so excited to unlock the next game :)

wow, i love the little easter egg that appears when the game actually loads!! totally worth the wait :)