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Extremely good game. My biggest issue is the certain character's childhood backstory. Very dark, out of place, and a huge mood killer. I don't think it should be intertwined with sexy, lighthearted events. Possibly as an extra or something.


I respect yo opinion, though personally I liked it.

She was always extremely overbearing, and somewhat terrifying, until wham tragic backstory and all is explained. I would like to see her change significantly toward a softer side, but I suppose that would remove yandere from the variety.

I agree that some sort of explanation is good for behavior like that. I just think the way it was done really puts a big bump in the road. 

You think you're going on a regular sexy mission, then BAM, child abuse for like 10 minutes straight with no way to end the event or speed it up. 

There are several ways to have the same effect while reducing the impact and interruption: shorten the scene (once we know she had it rough we don't need extra details to be extra sad); give us an option or warning so we know what to expect; or give us the option to skip and review the scene later. 

As it is now it really interrupts the funny, sexy, light-hearted vibe. It's just out of place IMO, still makes sense to be involved though.

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There are both speed up and skip entirely options. Make sure to check them at the bottom of the screen; speed up is my fave for the longer scenes (looking at you Android) because it conveniently stops at player choices.

Oh, and yeah, while this is at its core a sex game, story isn't a bad thing, especially when, for this character especially, an explanation was needed. Kali for example started out weird with the whole "what excuse can we have to unlock a sex act", but slows down as it becomes more about her and her relationship to you, then the cool overarching lore/story thing with her dad. Runey sprinkled in plenty of sex too to keep it the way you in particular prefer.

I get what you mean, haha, I can see it being a 'mood killer'. All I can say is, it's a different type of porn game