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This is one of the best games i have seen on ITCH. You have done a great work. I found some bugs and i hope you have the time to fix them. 

- Setting forests in a active fire will cause a endless loop which increase my money. Trees always growing and burning down.  Prevent setting forests as long as a fire is burning.

- The status window will appears to early. Check active processes first. If there is no more counting activity popup the window if the amount of money is less. (popup in case of unfinished money count activity).

The balancing is well done and your game is great. Thank you for sharing this and never stop creating games.

Regards and greetings from Germany



i'd like to add to this bug list that clicking the ui to dismiss the popups will also build whatever you have selected at the time

Thanks for pointing this out

Thank you so much! I'll add these to my buglist

My pleasure.