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I have a random issues with the game. I have 3 monitors and when I close the game all monitors go black and I can't do anything about it. I tried the usual key combinations like ALT+TAB, CTRL+ALT+DEL and CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, nothing worked. The only thing I could do is push the power button of my PC to initiate a shutdown.


Geforce 780GT

1920x1080 Fullscreen

Blah, that's no good. Sorry about that.

Did this crash happen to you multiple times? I've never seen the game crash and hangup my entire computer before (with multiple monitors). When you run the game in fullscreen mode, was it filling up a single monitor, and just showing your desktop as usual on the others screens?

Another random question, are you using the NVIDIA "Surround" mode for multiple displays?

i am using the left monitor as my main and that's where the game runs.

The black screen happens when I try to exit the game or when I disable the full-screen mode in-game (1920x1080 resolution - native).

If I run it in windowed mode it's fine.

The weird thing is that it doesn't always happen when I disable the fullscreen mode ether.

I don't have a good explanation for it. I am using an nvidia card with latest drivers but I don't use the surround mode.

Not sure if it helps but I use HDMI for my left and right monitor and the middle one uses an VGA cable.

I will do some further testing today but it's painful to restart the pc everytime it happens.

Is there something like a log that gets created or a way to enable it?