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Have you tried siterly lust? That has a decent pregnancy fetish.

tried it, yet, but it's a little bit odd for me to play; like, the way the game handles potential incest pregnancy is just off. besides, i like the harem hotel idea a little more than the rather overused 'i'm moving back in with my mother and my sister(s) but instead of trying to reconnect i'm gonna bone them'. 

Well you can opt out of the pregnancy route and it actually is a harem simulator just the relationships are different, which you can change settings so they are no longer related. Also, every relationship in the house is about reconnecting but with an added sexual aspect. I just imagine they are women I haven't seen for a while or steps. I more enjoyed it because of the personalities of the women, the shy beauty that doesn't realize her beauty, the playful nubile innocent/naughty, the fiesty hard chick that gives you lip, and the sultry experienced Cougar that knows how to dominate.