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it's good for about 20 minutes but there doesn't feel like enough to be interesting; the premise hooked me, i'll admit - women from different anime working for your sex business? sounds good!...except there are three women total, and only two of them is from an anime in the first place - one is from Teen Titans (a cartoon, and yes there is a distinction) and another is from some internet person called 'Zone-Tan' (and no, even if in anime style she is not an anime)

aside from that, like i said above there's barely enough to keep me entertained for more than twenty minutes.

I would say 'wait for updates, it'll get better' but this was done about a year ago and no updates since so...

tried it, yet, but it's a little bit odd for me to play; like, the way the game handles potential incest pregnancy is just off. besides, i like the harem hotel idea a little more than the rather overused 'i'm moving back in with my mother and my sister(s) but instead of trying to reconnect i'm gonna bone them'. 

I'm just waiting for this pregnancy fetish addition; not a lot of these kinds of games actually add in stuff like that, so i'm actually somewhat excited for it. So...uh...Please add it soon.

pretty sure Aric posted a spell for it that fixes the issue completely, but i can't be bothered looking for it - i'm useful, what can i say?

unfortunately for you this means that you'll have to search through some of the posts here, but it shouldn't be too far back. about 30 posts or so?

good luck~~

so, has this game been updated since December 21st 2018 for your patreons? not ribbing you or anything, but on that was the last update we have access to.

beyond there being some flavour text telling you your dick is massive, or your size is huge, there doesn't seem to be any real reason to make your dick any bigger or smaller than the standard size - it feels completely pointless if there aren't consequences for such changes; like, people comment on how tall you are - or, if you've maxed your height, how giant you are, maybe throw in some 'giant-on-normal sized people' kind of things with hyper-cum inflation, like what you've got for that servant girl if you make her dominant - and people should definitely comment on your massive dick - i mean, this thing is as big as a literal human being and you're telling me no one even brings that up? r e a l l y ? I have a nutsack that dwarfs your head but you just dont give a shit?

also, changing the size of your nuts - is there a point to that beyond flavour text telling you that your nuts are as big as watermelons, or is there a genuine reason i'm just not clued in on? 

oh, and could you please make it easier to be able to change your character into a beastly form? because i spent a solid ten hours grinding for those wolf potions and only found two in that ten hours - yes, i really did spend ten hours grinding to turn my character into a wolf, and you know what happened? i used the potion and...gained abs. yeah, gained abs. didn't even turn into a full creature, despite having 100 corruption. (side note: does turning into a different beast form change what your cock would look like? like, if i turned into a cat person with it have barbs, a wolf person a knot, a horse person a horse dick, etcetera?)

apart from that, i don't really see any issues with the game itself - there are spelling issues, and when i press one thing the button acts like i pressed the opposite choice, but that could easily be fixed i'm sure. 

so yeah, this is a great game and i can see it becoming much better than it is already, given time. 

hats off to you.

thanks for that

Yeah, good point; To be honest I only recently got into these kinds of games, so I didn't really know about SM until about two weeks ago. I got burned out of SFP and was looking for a game similar to it and found SM...I know, interesting story right?

I would post about it but like you said I'm pretty sure people already know about it, and if they don't they can message and i'll give them the link. I can't be arsed making a whole new thread dedicated to the founding of slave games XD

to call this a game is generous at best; more like 'five second sex animation'.

so, strive for power fans, i found a game that's...somewhat similar to this; text-based, based around slave management,'s not as 'in depth' as strive is, but it's similar to it - at least in concept and sometimes in execution. the game's called 'slavemaker'. ask, and i'll give you the link to download the most up-to-date version of it. i'm not gonna post random links on here if no one's interested. that'd just be weird.

Hey, so I'm a big dumbdumb and did...something...i'm not even sure what, but it erased the script below, and when i tried to put it back in I couldn't find again, and I've forgotten where it's located. Could you give me a file reference of where it should be? I don't wanna load it up in case my computer fucking explodes or something without it. 

I'll raise it with Cassie

it shall be named...Mortimer

if it's a guy i'll call it Steve or something

Going off of what User Angie said - and this might sound pretty gross but bear with it - maybe, when you have the kid, instead of giving it away you can not only raise it, but also turn it into either a companion, or a lover? Incest is a kink i don't see in many games, so it would be interesting if it would be added here. If not, then it could just be too hard to do or something. 

oh shit i knew i forgot to add something. no, it's just base game without the code added. im gonna add the code; or should i just wait until the newest mod update first?

just had one of the worst cases of that milking glitch i've ever had

it gets even weirder when you factor in that you have two 'roommates' sharing the house you're in, along with two other 'roommates' living halfway across town. 

this was obviously supposed to be an incest thing, but they pussied out at the last minute and just went 'quick! something to call his mother that isn't incestuous!' and bam! she is now his landlady...and has been for his whole life. and then they went 'damn! we need to give his sisters different names as well!', and so his sisters shall forever be relegated the title of...'roommate'.

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quick question; anyone tell me how to delete save files? i got some i used for testing stuff but i don't know how to delete them without going through the files. ideas?

EDIT: Nevermind, i just went into the App Data/ Roaming/ Strive/ Saves and manually deleted them form there.

I like the idea, actually, but it's all up to Aric whether it's even implemented or not. 

little question here, but in the beginning your character calls the woman 'landlady'. is that the final name for? because, to be honest, landlady just doesn't fit here. it sounds like it was supposed to be 'mom' or something, but was cut for some reason or another.

is that the case?

Hey, so i was reading through some of your uh...'reviewesr' of your mod, and thought i would throw out some ideas for extra classes.

maybe more Racial traits for the player character too?


Fairy: +2 Magic Affinity +2 Agility -1 Strength, Endurance -1

Drow: +1 Agility, +1 Magic Affinity, -1 Strength. Reputation with Amberguard is Slightly Lowered.

Seraph: Agility +2, Endurance -1, strength +1. Grants a gold increase to all non-sex jobs by 10%. Reputation with all areas slightly increased

Dryad: 15% extra chance to encounter snails. +1 Magic Affinity

Slime: Endurance +2, strength +1. Cannot be experimented on in laboratory. Reputation with Wimborn and Amberguard are slightly lowered

Arachna: Agility +3, Magic Affinity -1, Endurance +1. Reputation with Wimborn slightly lowered, reputation with Frostford slightly increased.

Dragonkin: +2 strength, +1 Endurance, -1 Agility, -2 Magic Affinity

Lamia: +1 Agility, +1 Endurance. -20% toxicity gain.


Mercenary: To you, the only thing that matters is getting paid, not getting laid. Sex jobs earn 30% less gold, but all non-sex jobs earn 30% more.

Centurion: All you've known is combat and leadership, so stick with what you're good at. Strength +2, Endurance +1. Starts off with extra Communal Rooms unlocked.

Scientist: They called you mad, you called yourself a visionary. Starts with the laboratory unlocked. Laboratory experiments cost less to use. +1 Magic Affinity

Magician: A genius in the magical arts...but nowhere else, unfortunately. Spells cost 40% less gold to purchase and 50% less mana to cast. -2 Endurance, -3 Strength, +3 Magic Affinity.

Thief: You've trained your whole life picking pockets, it's practically second nature. +2 Agility, -1 strength. +15 Gold at the end of every day.

obviously some of these suggestions are unbalanced, but...i figured i'd spitball, you know?

Thanks for letting me know. 

unfortunately all of the autosaves are quite literally just after she gets pregnant and accrues stress, so she is essentially an 'dead' character either way. But, i did pull my collective three brain cells together and i added this script in, tested it with a different character, and noticed that the most stress they ever gained was between two and 50.

in short; the script works, my brain doesn't. 

Hey Terminusz, what portrait pack are you using? Out of curiosity.

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So, a complaint; a big one. 

I have 1000 in game days logged with this character and her starting slave, right? so, i have held off the urge to sex her up because i've been too busy managing the other slaves and playing through the campaign. so, i finish the campaign, i have every upgrade possible and the mansion basically runs itself at this point, so i go 'why not'. 

i knock her up.

she accrues 597 stress over the course of ONE NIGHT, and dies after four days because she accrued 1,000 stress after a single day of lactation. she was my favourite slave, broken to all hell with max stats and she could one shot near everything. she was INVALUABLE. she was tough as shit, shrugging off eight bandits wailing on her for five minutes straight with barely a dent to her health.

she died to a single night of lactation.


EDIT: no screenshots because i accidentally forgot to, but the point stands.

Another question; the cumflation kink is a thing, but how do you 'activate' it? I mean, the only inflation-type thing ive seen so far is when a slime fucks you, but that seems to be instant impregnation. is there any form of actual cumflation?

it might be worth mentioning i play as a futa.

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its both stupidly insane and insanely stupid and i want him to finish it just to see what that would be like. 

Edit: I got more details on what he's adding.

- Consensual romance system (Marriage, friends-to-lovers, captive-to-lovers, etcetera)

- Dating/marriage/mourning (If your partner dies you can mourn them, only enabled when permadeath is enabled)

- Emotions system; adding spells so you can see the emotional state of people, not just their stress levels.

- (Ties in with emotions system) A way for your character to do more than just rape/kill/leave anyone they capture after a battle. Will be adding the ability to 'woo' bandits and enemies, sometimes even bandit capture victims.

- More random first names/surnames, some characters will come with their own nickname.

- This bit confused me but i'll see if anyone here can parse out what he means. "A way for your kids to act independently from their creator, sometimes acting as mercenaries without it being a setting." the only thing i can guess this is, is that the kids your character has can...set their own jobs? idk

- Patricide/Matricide; Setting it so that, if you don't treat your kids well enough, they'll express a desire to leave, kill you, or become disobedient. This one sounds sweet tbh.

So yeah, I'm not seeing how he's gonna do this to be honest, but he's done a lot of modding for different games before just gonna trust him and go 'do it or don't'. 

so, a friend of mine who plays strive almost religiously - he has 14,000 in game days worth of gameplay - told me he was making a mod for it; i didnt catch it all, because he's weird and talks like his mouth is attached to an F1 racing car, but apparently he's making a mod that makes the game more...wholesome?

like, proper wholesome stuff - holding hands and skipping through daisy fields, marriage, monogamy with the person you married, etcetera.

just thought i'd let you all know in case it ever does get done and it shows up here.


Do me a solid, then; notify me of when this is a thing? I wanna be the first to experience unprotected handholding with Cassie.

HOW!? Can it be done yet? i wish for the wholesomeness! WHOLESOMENESS!!!

Got a question/request. is there a romance system? not like 'herr-derr we can bang' but like a full on 'this character loves me and i love them therefore they will be mentioned/referenced in everything i do and think about and JUST LET ME ROMANCE CASSIE OKAY I DONT WANNA SEX HER I JUST WANNA LOVE HER LIKE A WAIFU'

...plis maek rowmants

just a thought i figured would be nice to throw out there.

SFP is like, the only game of this kind. with enslavement and impregnation and noncon and all sorts of other fetishes; i haven't come across a single other game even remotely similar to this yet and trust me, i've been looking.

just thought i'd throw that out there. makes you appreciate Strive a little bit more.

you could make it so that animals can get people pregnant, and the spawn from that pregnancy turn into halfkin/beastkin of that animal type?

so horse would be Taurus/rare chance of centaur

dog would be wolfkin/foxkin

unsure about felines, you could think on that one.

so, been playing with the mod and i noticed some things that i thought felt off, and i'm not sure anyone else has mentioned them yet so i'm just gonna list some things i noticed.

1. despite there being an incest scene with Emily and Tisha, and Emily expressing enjoyment over the act, when I 'Talk' to her and ask her how she feels about incest she expresses disgust.

2. Less of an issue and more of an idea; with the option to 'erase' people's personality's and in-game memories (Using amnesia potion on Chloe, getting the bad end of Cali's sidequest and turning her into a pet, etc) i was thinking that you should add a whole new trait to them. For example, you get 'Gratitude' from any NPC you help out in their sidequests, but you can also get it by erasing their memories and turning them into sex-pets; which bothered me for some reason. So maybe you could make a new trait; call it, i dunno, something like 'Ingrained' or 'indebted' or something, for if you take that kind of route when finishing up a character's sidequest.

3. some grammar errors with the 'sex-text' and some issues where instead of flavour text i just get 'error/colour/sample/text_yellow' or something like that.

4. this could just be a base-game issue and i'm being dumb but hey, figured I'd mentioned it. I got a pop-up letting me know about an 'abuse' feature, something about being able to 'abuse' prisoners, and i think its supposed to act as an extra option in the interaction menu but im not sure. Anyway, if this is an option i'm not seeing it show up anywhere, and searching the game's guide and wiki dont bring up anything so i'm leaning toward it being a mod thing.  I'd just like tyo know what that actually is, because i can't do it. Whatever 'it' even is.

5. I noticed that if i stuff a character's vagina with nut-butter, she inflates. not an issue. when i nut exclusively in her vagina and the text says "she has started drooling and coughing up cum working its way up from her ass" I'm like 'bruh, bodies don't be like that doe'. pliz explain.

6. I gave my character a massively massive long-schlong, okay? his name is big-dick silver-prick and he aint no small boi in the nut compartment either. I adore Maple. Maple is tiny. I fucked Maple. "Maple's pussy has been stretched, it is now 'tiny'." My long-john-big-schlong should have left that tiny fairy girl gaping like a bystander of 9/11, yet she just struts about all happy and stuff while the text torments me with " Maple's pussy has been stretched. It is now tiny". C e a s e  this torment

that's about it. apart from that though, this mod is great! 

I GOT THE MOD WORKING!!! Hallelujah! praise be!

thanks guys. really, thanks for the help.

do i just press 'apply' and restart the game? or do i need to do anything else?

hey, so, just want to make sure i've finally done it right - should the mod main menu screen look like this?

so im gonna flat out say that im an idiot; i think i did something wrong with the initial extraction of Aric's and i may have been screwed from the beginning; that is to say, i didnt extract the mod and place it into App/data/roaming/strive/mods, but only placed the folder that says something like 'put this in app/data/roaming/strive/mods' in there, and thus may have cocked up any chance i had of the mod working from the start; so im gonna uninstall it, reinstall it, hit myself with a hammer for obvious reasons - it may knock common sense into me, who knows? - and erase strive as well. i barely had any save data anyway, so im not too bothered. ill get rid of both the mod AND the game, reinstall strive, reinstall aric's and actually follow the instructions to the letter instead of going 'i dont know what that means and why its worded like that so blah blah its ignored'. 

am vurry big dumb.

I'm literally having issues even attempting to wrap my head around installing the mod; i followed your 'READ ME' instructions to the letter, but i feel like there were steps missing or i'm just a dumb-dumb because im not seeing any changes to the game - like, at all - and its not showing up correctly in the 'mod' list in the main menu.

I would join the discord but discord and i are taking a break - purely mutual, i assure you. so i'm just kinda hoping to glean any and every little bit of information about how to correctly download this thing without turning my computer into a schnitzel.

ok, so, I watched the video and from the beginning i was confused - the guy obviously knew what he was doing, but the video acts like I know what i'm doing (I don't) and after about 30 seconds i had no idea what was even going on anymore.

yes, I AM that much of a noob to modding.

Very help. Big happy.