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Really? "Pigment of my imagination"?

Something else I am not sure of. During the first stage of the gun competition, the MC says "what did I get wrong" then without getting an answer, says something random "one thing I learned..." does that mean I got them all right?

Yeah I get black screens with dialogs.  Came here to say the same thing

Love the game but I just have two things I have to get off my chest. Firstly, the phrase is "have a seat" not "have a sit"(Sounds too much like 'have a shit'). Secondly, where on Earth do you live that children can inherit debt? The worse thing that can happen is that the remaining debt will be paid off by the assets of the estate which means the children may get less or nothing of their inheritance but virtually never will they be held responsible for debt incurred by parents, at least in the states. 

I keep waiting for Kit to snap one day and go all kill crazy and slaughter the whole crew from being sex starved because every time the game says "go yourself" or "let Kit go" I choose "go yourself". Plus I'm in a relationship with pretty much every lifeform on the ship except for Thim, leaving nothing for Kit. Lol

I've played the whole game but all my data got cleared when I got a new phone. I've downloaded and opened season 1 but I still can't play season 2. Do I really have to play all of season 1 through to the end before it will let me open season2?

Or you could just swipe up on the screen staring from the text box and hide it that way. Works on Android phone.

I like the game so far and not to nit pick but just wanted to show you a bug/mistake.

During the male model scene, Grace's dialog is often portrayed as Allana. At first I thought that Allana was going to show up and surprise the MC

Okay not to be "that guy", but.. Gwen brags to you in the car ride to her place about how she shaved that morning and that she is "as smooth as a little girl" yet she somehow grew a small patch of hair down there in the time it took you all to eat dinner and go to her room? Also, the misgendering is pretty annoying, several times the dialog refers to women as "him" or says "his". Seriously, send me the dialog and I will proofread it, for free!

So far, a decent game but you really need to have an English speaker proof read the dialog. What kind of knock is "toc-toc"? Also, is there no way to hide the dialog box on Droid, or even make it transparent?

So I lost all my data when transferring to a new phone lately so I am starting over (oh well,  an excuse to play through again) and i have to ask... Are you a Destiny Fan? Because that sure looks like the Sunshot.

Strangest thing happened. I got a new phone but the backup didn't work and i lost all my games from and all my photos. Yet, somehow when I downloaded your game again my recent saves were there on the new phone (I had played part of the newest version on my old phone) is this because of how you set this game up somehow?

Side note, I love the content as always but that scene in the bathroom, right after going down on Denise, gave myself blue balls lol. The idea of a soaking wet pussy, just inches away from his rock hard errection and not putting it in, gave me anxiety lol. 

ok, did I miss something? I just downloaded the 1-16 version after completing the 1-13 and the keto talking about the MC helping the mystery guest get access to the computers the morning prior but I don't remember that at all. I sometimes dose off while playing but I just reloaded a previous save and replayed the prior morning's online session and didn't see anything about Kasumi, what am I miasing?

yeah I just saw your earlier post with this, thx. 

I am sick on the bonus puzzle. You said it becomes interactive once you complete the escape room. We'll I got the code For the gate, opened the gate, then turned around and went back to the color squares but I can't get them to move at all. No interaction seen except for the dialogue you get by click on the box.

Gee I never thought of that! maybe I could use one of the 2 laptops I have or the desktop PC I have.... or... maybe... I will play on whatever the fuck I want. Also,  nothing wrong with calling momma! (Not that it would be Sunday though)

Gotcha, thanks.

right, I guess all those crazy Christian organizations like Focus on the Family and 1 million moms that were trying to get pornography and anything sexual banned from all media and who don't want comprehensive sex Ed taught are hard-core liberals, right? Also, what the fuck does this have to do with the Nazis? But yes, the nazis were far right, not left. Just because they put the word socialist in there, doesn't mean they are left wing. Also, left wing does not mean "socialist" the only reason far right idiots think socialism and leftist are synonymous is because of the underlying Tennant of "social ownership". Literally if you Google "Nazi political party" several results start by defining it as  "a Far-right political party". Like any form of government, you go far enough left and you circle back around to right leaning ideas, and vice versa. My point was, you don't see the left putting in laws to regulate peoples sexual expression, gender or orientation, yet you do see that on the right. It just baffles me that someone would label something left because it does what the right notoriously does. It would be like if I called somw group "Far-right" because they were always canceling people (that is something notoriously left). I'm not going to say anything else about this because this isn't the site to argue politics and your idiotic "Nazis were left leaning" comment alone is enough for me to not waste any more of my time on you.

I love the game so far! I'm on the end of day 11. The humor is eight up my alley and I love P.A.I.G.E (although I wish she were more human like for the fact that she is always nude), it feels like there is someone narrating my thoughts when Paige speaks lol. I do feel like there were some missed opportunities in some great dialogue though. For instance, when Marissa shows up at your door half naked the first time and says "Can I come inside?" My immediate response in my head was "Depends, can I?" Also, when Ariel shows up after learning about the blow job and gets pissed, I do wish something else was said. When she says she is not stupid and that she understands others will be with the MC then says "but not her". I feel like if the MC was trying to get her on board he would've said something like "oh, so you are okay with every other woman on the Endurance having someone to be intimate with, just as long as your sister isn't one of them?" Other wise I would rather have the option as a player to avoid the drama and choose a sister very soon. He also should have said something like "you never said anything about being exclusive". I wish there was a way to date both, or even better, fool around with both at the same time. I know I am not done with the game yet but I am assuming there isn't because of the hints of choosing a sister from early in the game (a few different people mention the MC will have to make a choice at some point).

Either way, I love the game and I may well buy the day 1-16 version because of how good it is and because I am impatient, plus updates to erotic games on this site usually take months, years in rare cases.

Keep up the good work.

Do I really have to start all over? Even if I do, I don't think it will solve the issue since it won't accept my transfered saves nor will it give me the option to start over.

I even opened version 15.1 and made a new file save then transfered that to the new folder with no luck.

Ok I downloaded version "15.1" for Android, despite it actually being version 16.1 and it didn't recognize my version 15.1 so it said I have no files present. So I copied my save files from the old 15.1 folder to the new one and it still says there are no files present, am I missing something?

Don't understand how that is "left wing" since it is the right that wants to control people's sexual actions and censor all forms of sexual expression.

Great game! One of the few on here that i finished the free version and went back to purchase the update because I was impatient.

Didn't this use to be on Android? I swear I've played it on my phone before.

I'm not sure i understand the point of this post. I mean I understand if you're only looking for completed visual novels (you'd be missing out on a lot of good content though) but what is the point of telling the creator that you won't d/l until they finish? Do you think that telling them that will somehow make them finish earlier? You can also follow creators or projects so that when an update comes out, you are notified so as to not worry about forgetting, then you could just replay (or as many games have available, recap). Like I said, I get if you don't want to do that, just don't see the reason for trying to guilt the creator for lack of updates. Most of the creators on here have other jobs and life's so they release content when they can.

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2 years? It's too bad the game is dead, I enjoyed it when I first tried playing it.

Loving it so far but the dialogue definitely needs to be proofread. At one point Maria referred to the MC when talking to her sister by saying "Mr Surname." And there are cases where the name doesn't match the person saying it.

I also am confused by how you choose who shows up in the relationship tab. Someone that you sleep with once and never again (from what I can tell) and someone who you don't need to impress at all, shows up. Meanwhile the daughters across the hall who are in several scenes and whom one hates you and one doesn't, aren't on the screen at all. 

Love the game, can't wait for the next installment.

He wasn't saying that your toxicity caused the gap, he was saying that, that toxicity like that sure isn't going to speed things along and if anything, would make the dev want to not put any more effort into rushing it out sooner.

Is the sex scen "violet Bed" supposed to do nothing? Everytime i select that event the game just stops after it "loads animations" it shows your wife naked and you spooning her and then just stays like that for hours.

I passed by this game aeveral tomes thinking I had already played it and lost interest. I ran out of things to play so I decided to give it "another try" and I definitely have never played it before. Great game and great story, only wish I had gone longer before discovering it so I had more to play. What is the difference between 4.6 and 4.5? I just downloaded the other day but mine says version 4.5 and the D/L here says 4.6.

Nevermind, found the opacity setting

I've made it to season 2 but i don't see a good or an opacity menu.

The game desperately needs a hide feature, or at least a dialogue opacity setting. 

Man I really wish i didn't have to spend $50 just to get the guide. There are many things like, metal plug, water hose nozzle, safe code, room entry,  etc.. that it would be nice to have some hints for without spending that much money. I could have worn I used to have some sort of hint guide the first time I played this a long time ago.

It will also often remove the menu after the error so i cant even save anymore.

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This happens for me too.  I click rollback but that just undoes your selection, doesnt fix the issue. It is an issue with the heart icon, always gives an exception error no matter what. What do you mean "appropriate the folder"?

I have Android and i don't have this issue.