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Man I really wish i didn't have to spend $50 just to get the guide. There are many things like, metal plug, water hose nozzle, safe code, room entry,  etc.. that it would be nice to have some hints for without spending that much money. I could have worn I used to have some sort of hint guide the first time I played this a long time ago.

It will also often remove the menu after the error so i cant even save anymore.

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This happens for me too.  I click rollback but that just undoes your selection, doesnt fix the issue. It is an issue with the heart icon, always gives an exception error no matter what. What do you mean "appropriate the folder"?

I have Android and i don't have this issue.

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Despite picking English, I'm still getting random dialogue in whatever language this is (I'm guessing Russian). Also, is the back button ever going to be usable or am I still in the prolog? 

Does season 2 have a walkthrough? I want to see if option number 3 truly ruins your relationship with Lilly when you have your first conversation with her once you get back on board. 

I downloaded it on June 25th

That is the one I have

Anyone else having this issue on Droid with the new update?

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So I have an older version of TFTUV and it asks me if I want to update when I open your recent android version but it keeps wrroring out saying "App conflicts with another package". Am i really gonna have to uninstall the older version and loose my saves?

Obviously not too soon.

nvm, found it

is there some way to see the PC commands? I haven't played on pc in a while and wanna know how to go back or save etc.

Why is Alex grayed out, I can think of anything I could have done to close her path but it looks that way and I noticed right at the end of V.2

Your page says essentially play it on Android at your own risk, but you only have a mod listed for Android to download.. is that the game?

My point was I never got that choice. I was wondering what I missed to lock it out, didn't realize until the message in-game from dev. Doesn't matter though I found it. I play the game in bed an tend to fall asleep often so I must've sleep clicked through when Lucy tells you her story. Because now I am getting the optio s to meet her at the beach and the last pkaythrough didn't have that.

I don't know what you mean

Apparently I missed the Lucy route because I didn't get revenge but I didn't mean to so I loaded up a save right before meeting Tanja to find the decision but while looking, I saw this dialogue.. was there an earlier decision I made that cause this? Is there a walk-through?

It's all good, I finally got it to work. For some reason it wouldn't open from my Google downloads tab, but another game did it so I went to my file explorer and could install it there. Unfortunately this is all after all my save files were deleted.

Yeah I see no change to the file or the issue. I suppose there are no refunds when it doesn't work?

No hablo español.

Sounds good.

Where is the harem update? Your log says it is released but the only download listed for Android is the 1.0 love version.

I'm playing on my android phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra.

Like this..

So I have played older versions of this but what's with the new version? I didn't have these issues before.. look at the subtitles, also it feels like there are options I can't select, or buttons I can't push. 

Yes I am aware of all that. Firat of all, I don't have a tablet or PC to put it on. second of all, I am well aware of how it works when you don't have space, as you said it gives you an error while trying to install the file and I dont think my 79gb of free space is an issue. Third of all, I have 3rd party install turned on as I have downloaded numerous games from itch without issue, all apk's (including one just 6 days prior). So I guess to answer my question, yes I am just out 9 bucks.

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Okay I paid the 9 bucks to get the new update and I've downloaded the Droid version twice now but it just keeps telling me I can't open the file. Did I just waste 9 bucks?

Nevermind I guess I missed Saturday evening.

So how are you supposed to watch TV in the evening. I feeling I have gone to the living room every evening but there is nowhere to click to start the event.

so I am getting a rollback error that I believe is preventing a choice, or at least I am assuming since it says that there is an important choice and then once I ignore the error, it precedes to act like I made a choice. It happens after the night event with zaya and when your given the choice the next day on the bus to tell Maddie (or I am assuming, whoever you chose to stick with in the temple) error as follows and I am on Android.


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/screens.rpy", line 456, in execute

  File "game/screens.rpy", line 456, in execute

  File "game/screens.rpy", line 459, in execute

  File "game/screens.rpy", line 460, in execute

  File "game/screens.rpy", line 461, in execute

NameError: Name 'smwhi' is not defined.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "script.rpyc", line 7448, in script

  File "renpy/", line 1682, in execute

  File "renpy/", line 1062, in menu

  File "renpy/", line 1298, in display_menu

  File "renpy/", line 298, in interact

  File "renpy/display\", line 3276, in interact

  File "renpy/display\", line 3693, in interact_core

  File "renpy/display\", line 567, in visit_all

  File "renpy/display\", line 567, in visit_all

  File "renpy/display\", line 567, in visit_all

  File "renpy/display\", line 432, in visit_all

  File "renpy/display\", line 3693, in <lambda>

  File "renpy/display\", line 443, in per_interact

  File "renpy/display\", line 631, in update

  File "game/screens.rpy", line 456, in execute

  File "game/screens.rpy", line 456, in execute

  File "game/screens.rpy", line 459, in execute

  File "game/screens.rpy", line 460, in execute

  File "game/screens.rpy", line 461, in execute

  File "renpy/", line 992, in _textbutton

  File "renpy/text\", line 1541, in __init__

  File "renpy/text\", line 1660, in set_text

  File "renpy/", line 270, in substitute

  File "/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/", line 563, in vformat

  File "/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/", line 585, in _vformat

  File "/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/", line 646, in get_field

  File "/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/", line 605, in get_value

  File "renpy/", line 228, in __getitem__

NameError: Name 'smwhi' is not defined.


Damnit, take my a free $2.99, I just paid to download a copy not realizing it's the same version I already have.

Does the android version have less content or just newer? I am referring to the fact that the PC is version 9 but the android is only version 3.

 it is an interesting idea. Also my objection wasn't that the planet has people on it (although that is how the myth goes. They were supposed to be Gods) My objection is that the evidence on earth is that no such object even exists. Also, science doesn't say it is the end of the Earth, the Earth will last for at least a few more billion years until the sun turns into a Red Giant. Science doesn't make proclamations, it makes tentative models. Just because a Scientist says something, doesn't mean that the "Science"says it as well, after all there are 'Scientists' that don't believe evolution is real (a extremely tiny number but still). Anyway I wasn't try to knock your idea, I was just being a pedantic asshole about the wording.

Lost Hope_ Season -1 community · Created a new topic Niburu

I think that saying Niburu's existence is "rumored" is a bit misleading/disingenuous. It is more of a conspiracy theory or myth as there is nothing but baseless assertions to back up it's efficacy. Either way, looks like a bad ass game, I hope there are many more updates to come. 

yeah I figured out you have to be in your room to equip certain things but like the fact that it won't let me read a knowledge book. Also there should be more descriptions on certain things, like the icons for the girls' stats. I can figure out what the heart one means but like hand cuffs on one and male sign on the other? Domination and balance of heterosexuality?

So is there a guide to this game because it seems there is some RNG aspect that makes it difficult to achieve certain tasks. For instance the first night of the game I helped Sasha unpack and at the end it only gave me the option to refuse help with the boxes so I rolled back to a previous save to see if there is a way to help but now I can't get the event to initiate, despite doing the same tasks that initiated it the first time. Also, how do I equip an accessory?

 I figured it out

So is there no way to load a save file or adjust the settings once the game is running? The only way I can access the main menu or load screen is to close the game and reload it. I'm playing Droid by the way. Am I missing something or is it programmed this way?