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I figure out how to fast forward at least. Still stuck on the pool though.

Denos City community · Created a new topic Pool Cleaning

So I am stuck. First off I don't see anyway to advance time when there are no activities to do so, a fast forward would be nice. I can't seem to get past the pool Cleaning. I've got the bleach and poured it into the pool and it said I needed to turn on the pump but I can figure out where. I've talked to everyone I can think of and I can't see anywhere to clock for the pump. What am I missing?

Yeah but how do you improve those stats?

Ever heard of "sister lust" that was the first I played with that fetish and it was pretty good, I just imagined they were all step siblings.

I don't get why, I mean it's not a fetish of mine but consenting adults and all. I mean I could understand rape, or statutory rape, or even some S&M (non consentual) and if it is by marriage then I really don't understand. I find it funny they have problems with that but not all the games that involve groping and undress women when they are unconscious, although maybe that is just harder to spot.

I've played games from patreon that have incest, full on siblings.

There relationships seem odd as far as naming goes. The summary says your mother and her daughter's, yet she calls you her tenant and you call her your landlady. Also the girls are called your "roommates" yet at one point you say "well half roommates".. is this to get rid of some of the creepy factor of incest? Wouldn't having her be your "stepmother" solve all this?

I could really use a guide to how to learn skills. I don't understand what looks your ability to learn something in a class. And I take it there is no way to increase your stats, other than the character creation in the prologue? Sometimes when I go to a class it will let me learn something but I can't find any rhyme or reason to why. My DADA started out at -1 and I finally got it to 0 (I have no idea why that particular class gave me +1 out of the several I attended) and I have never been successful reading books on DADA (I'm assuming because my DADA skill had to be high enough to read about it). Any thoughts?

Nevermind,I guess it doesn't let you name them, only their relationship to you.

When starting a new game on Android you get a couple crash screens 3 or 4, you can skip them but just wanted to document. Also, for some reason changing the girls' name doesn't always work. Their name when they speak never changes and when referring too them in the third person, it alternates between the name you choose and the default one (I presume default), it seems they rarely get called by the name you choose.

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Alot of that is just the way it is translated. As for the parents comment, saying they died does not say how it happened. My guess is that the dialogue was supposed to read something like "she has been taking care of me since our parents died."

"You're an orphan? What happened?"

So it's not completable in this version?

Does this version not allow you to make the first debt payment of 12k? I got to 13k and it didn't change anything so I thought maybe I just have to wait until the due date but I have gone 15 or 20 days past the quest acquire and the "days left" still says 30 days. Also, if it's not set up that way, it would be nice if you could complete the quest as soon as achieving enough money, even if it initiates the countdown on the next payment.

Right because all the non black male characters have such small dicks...

Shit! I didn't realize it wasn't in English

F&R Samus [NSFW] community · Created a new topic Brilliant

Havent even played it yet, but just brilliant. A possible idea for future project? Mario and Luigi with princess peach, or maybe Zelda and link?

Will the full version every be free or always $20?

I love the story of this novel but it is the worse digital blue balls I have ever seen. 5 episodes and not one sex scene, not even a shot of a bare vagina. Just 2 semi BJ scenes and a couple sexy lingerie poses (and like 3 or 4 topless scenes). I'm telling ya, great game, but blue balls...

I slept with her at their house, don't know about the true story cheat or how to put it in.

So I have loved both of your games and I just started this one (still waiting for update to Lust epidemic) but a problem I have seen with both games on Android is the GUI. I am assuming it is do to the engine used but one is that the screen won't rotate to your preferred side (not a big deal but my the image is upside down compared to my normal viewing) but the other thing is I can't save the option I select on the main menu. I change full screen to on but every time I go back to the option menu it is set back to off, any ideas?

Well you can opt out of the pregnancy route and it actually is a harem simulator just the relationships are different, which you can change settings so they are no longer related. Also, every relationship in the house is about reconnecting but with an added sexual aspect. I just imagine they are women I haven't seen for a while or steps. I more enjoyed it because of the personalities of the women, the shy beauty that doesn't realize her beauty, the playful nubile innocent/naughty, the fiesty hard chick that gives you lip, and the sultry experienced Cougar that knows how to dominate.

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So what are the Lucia events? The "Misc Info" says I still have 0/2 Lucia events but I can't initiate them. She is livng with us and I have already finished Kali's main story up to 0.9.2 but whenever I visit Lucia the only options I have are to ask how she is or fuck in utility room.

So the troubleshooting guide says to delete all precious versions of the game. Is that into if you have trouble or do I really have to start over again once I download the new version?

Have you tried siterly lust? That has a decent pregnancy fetish.

Where does lin disappear to on Sunday evenings? I can't find here anywhere and she isn't in her room. Does she go to the room behind reception?

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What device? On Android it should be (depending on if you installed if on your SD or HDD) in the folder internal storage/Android/data/harem.hotel/files/saves if you installed it on your memory card then the only difference should be the "internal storage" part of the path.

There is a way to do it without giving him her photos but it would require you being able to talk to him and tell him you won't do it. Then he asks for something else. You could go to the cheat menu, there is a option to "make it so you do not hand Wilson Priti's photos" and that may initiate the other option. See below:

Yes she has a soft spot for him, it's wet and warm as well. 🤪

To be clear, Jada didn't say she had nothing to do with teaching Ellie about sex, she said she had nothing to do with talking Ellie into having sex with MC. The conversation was about them having sex and MC says something like 'I hope you didn't pressure her into doing it' and Jada said "I had nothing to do with that. Also, show me one 18 year old girl that doesn't know at least that much about sex, no matter how repressed (after all, they don't say that she turned into this wildcat or anything, she simply sits in his dick after sucking it.) The computer thing I'm not sure about, did his laptop for sure have a password? I don't remember.

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Is there a way to hide the dialogue/GUI on Android? The help section only lists key bindings for PC/Mac.

Yeah I did it and got the new squirt gun, I didn't see that the take cover was on the right side instead of the left, it blended in to the background.

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Well then I must not be at the twins, I didn't see a "take cover" like last time so I assumed my only option was to attack. To be clear the spot I was referring to was directly after pitri "dies".

No, Everytime I try to hit one of the twins they hit me and it says "they are just too heavily equiped"

But how do you buy it? I dont see anything on the online store and when I try searching it says there is nothing to search right now.

Nvm, figured it out. I didnt realize the order of punishment mattered.

Also, the "walkthrough" on the discord seems lacking. It doesnt even have the name "Rachel" in it which I dont understand if it is a walkthrough.  Also, I think it would be wise to list other stats in the "Stats" section other than grades and discipline (the two easiest to figure out) like; influence, horniness etc.

Ok I am lost with Rachel.  I've gotten ointment, permission to remove skirt, camera for photos etc. Also, viewed her playing at night, caught her sleeping class but no matter what I do I cannot get the option to talk about her night time habits. Do I need to get miss Newman to where she can start touching the women inappropriately?