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Well, I've pretty much burnt myself out on my current game project (I felt disillusioned by it I guess?) and I'm currently experimenting with ways to get around that. The method I'm trying to right now is to have two projects running at once which I'll be starting as of February and when I get bored of my other project, I'll return to my original game. I know it's not exactly staying on one game, but sometimes having a break from whatever you're developing and returning to it with a fresh mindset can do wonders.

I've only been in game dev for just under a year and a half and this isn't a situation I've encountered much but I understand it's important to be preprared when something this does happen and to have an "escape plan" so to speak.

a thing im starting to learn for keeping on projects you feel disillusioned by is just to take a step back and kinda figure out what you liked about it in the first place? and trying to redesign aspects of it until you actually feel excited about working on it again (this obviously doesnt work if you think your project is like, fundamentally flawed; at that point its better to move on)