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The voice acting hit me like a sack of bricks, it was amazing. Really impressive given the timeframe. You really nailed the aesthetic you were going for, it felt like a weird mix between janitor and grungy cop.
I feel like the poop cleaning was a little too far on the side of frustrating and not quite satisfying enough. The steps that needed speed were fine, but hitting the right frequency when cleaning slowly was a little painful. Maybe a more robust feedback system would help with that, on top of the sparkles you've currently got

Great job.

Thank you so much! I agree. I totally knew it was going to be really hard to understand and I really squeezed in that little feedback I managed to get in, but I guess I should have concentrated on that more instead of all the other stuff around it, though that was more fun and it seems like other people appreciate it as well :D Thank you for the nice comment!