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Gave it a go...

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Great video and solid feedback. I'll definitely be adding in the volume slider controls. Thank you for taking the time to play through the game. Your honest feedback is so helpful and I appreciate that.

The movement is definitely something I'll need to think more about. The game currently works so that the player only has to make a directional choice when there's a need for player input. The cube moves to the next step if no input is needed from the player. The dots also attempt to help with that visually. Square dots you stop, smaller round dots you "flow through". The moves are also "stackable" so when the game gets more difficult you'll be able to plan the moves and input them in sequence to get through an obstacle. But with that said, you're not the only one that has talked about the control scheme, so it's definitely something I'll be looking into as an option or even default controls. 

Thank you Step Vibes 👍


Hello Step Vibes!

I have uploaded a new update to the game with all new movement controls that I think you may find much more appealing. If you wouldn't mind updating and giving it another play through, I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on the new control scheme.

Although, I have no yet implemented a volume slider for the music, so you'll have to control that through your PC for now, but the new controls and movement have been redesigned with your comments in mind. I appreciate your honest feedback. It really helped me take a step back and look at the overall control scheme of the game.

Thanks again! I hope to hear your opinion of the new update.
- Bobby