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Ah actually, after downloading a few more times, I got something in the resources. Just as you said, I got a config.json, jre, and TaleOfAndrogyny.jar. However, I'm not so sure how to run it (i opened it and it gave me a folder, there are files for the games, but no launcher).

Ah, no, don't open TalesOfAndrogyny.jar, just run it. And now that you have the Resources folder, you should also be able to run the TalesOfAndrogyny file in the MacOS folder.

Sorry, this is kind of awkward, but which one do i run? the TalesOfAndrogyny in MacOS folder is a .txt file, I can only open it but only a page of weird symbols would show.

It's not actually a .txt file; it has no extension, and it seems it's being defaulted to opening with your text editor. You might want to try launching either the jar or that file from the terminal. Alternatively if you try right-clicking on them you might get another option to launch them.

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So I launch the TalesOfAndrogyny or the jar with terminal? I'm not quite sure how thats done..sorry for the trouble. Also when I tried to open with others, I tried to go for the terminal but it's grayed out.