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Another PT clone,but not so much. I mean this game really tried to create some creepy atmosphere,but the lack of story destroyed the DEV's attempts ,you know.(Why am I here? What am I doing?)And some GLITCHES really bug me (You get stuck in some areas,or the graphical issue.)

graphical issue

Final Verdict:2.5/5(Don't blame me, because it's my true feeling.).

This game has some potentials, but it really needs polish before release.Hope it's getting better next time, I know you can do it.

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Sorry I can't see your picture (I'm assuming it's because it's on your facebook), other than that thank you for you feedback. The lack of context is intentionnal and the content is not at all random but I can absolutely understand how that bugged you!

Anyway, thank you for playing and taking time to give me an honest feedback, that is much appreciated =)