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A member registered Jun 30, 2016

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You know what?You can click the right mouse button to teleport!

A great discovery has been found! Anyway a new developer like you should be encouraged,forget about the joke above.

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Alright re4 demon version? Shadows of the Damned inspired game?Not sure. It looks promising.

And the BGM sounds like Alone In The Dark 4 Monsters Theme.

Anyway give it a try.

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As a tech demo,10/10 no kidding

As a complete game,6.5/10 sorry. the game needs more content.

Another PT clone,but not so much. I mean this game really tried to create some creepy atmosphere,but the lack of story destroyed the DEV's attempts ,you know.(Why am I here? What am I doing?)And some GLITCHES really bug me (You get stuck in some areas,or the graphical issue.)

graphical issue


Final Verdict:2.5/5(Don't blame me, because it's my true feeling.).

This game has some potentials, but it really needs polish before release.Hope it's getting better next time, I know you can do it.

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Looks promising so far.The first encounter with the monster is very jumpy! I rate it 3.5/5(I will give it 4.5/5 if the optimization issues in some certain areas are solved).Nicely done DEV.