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A new system to spice things up, players could melt metals down in a furnace and put it in the mixing pot to make combined metals like 35% iron 60% bronze 5% mythril. Adding more metals wouldn't change the quantity result but quality. It would go indefinitely from a rating of 2-infinity per additional ingot after the first 3 ingots. It starts at one of course. This would make a new metal that the players can name with 6 characters or less and the value is set automatically by the values of the metals put together then + charisma value bonus. You can then use that metal to make weapons with customize-able colors depending on the first 3 ingots because of the hex/rng coloring for each ingot in order starting from the first. Would take the H from iron E from bronze X from mythril and mix them into a new color for that metal.

Second suggestion would be mold casting as a substitute for the players who don't find hitting an ingot in 3 strikes to a blade very fun. This could be set as an optional change in settings.

A system where you can take two paths, one would be the route the game already is at while another would be an optional extra path to play as the apprentice/child of the blacksmith and have a blacksmith mastery level which determines the end quality of each product. Also, you would only be able to make certain weapons once the master blacksmith bestows to you that blueprint which unlocks the parts necessary for it.

When connecting parts together, add a popup to confirm combining the parts or not please and the result of the action. <--- :D

My last idea would be to add mastery levels of each weapon and the more you craft them, the brighter the weapon glows. The mastery level would also add variables towards valuation of the weapons and of course if below the standard, you may even receive less than purchasing price (Set difficulty levels).

One more thing, I've worked with blender for a few years now and I would like to know if you would ever need help, I find it a really fun hobby and I have quite a bit of work. The low poly style appeals to me too as i'm a bit tired of working on full edged high quality stuff. My skype is camerenwalden if you would like to see some of my work or would just like to chat, thanks for reading.

Not to bash on your idea, but I think this would make everything way too complex and there would be hundreds of combinations and it seems like it would be too overwhelming. Also, it would be be lot easier if instead of combining stuff to make colors you can color temper it