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how do I restart the game? I was checking to see how the game would record with my OBS and now I can't get back to the beginning. Uninstalled and reinstalled as well as fully downloading it again but it remembers where I am no matter what. help please...thanks ;)

Oh I'm sorry about that ! You know what I'll code a basic menu that allow you to reset the autosave!

Thanks for pointing that out ! It will just be a few hours (if nothing goes wrong haha)

no problem do your thing, no rush! thanks I really appreciate that! what little I played of your game was intriguing...can't wait to finish it!

Should be fixed, I uploaded a new package.

Please tell me if you have any issue ! and thanks for the feedback =)

AWESOME! thanks man..can't wait to play some more of the game! should have a video recorded in the morning and out by the afternoon. YAY!

That is awesome, thank you for your interest in that little game =) Also I've uploaded a new version to fix a serious bug ! Everything should be fine now. Looking forward to see you play !