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Loved this game! Got both endings, surprised that throwing it out ended in the same ending as watching it though. 

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That's good to know.. I spent a good 45 minutes to an hour playing it, I wouldn't want to play through again for what is essentially the same ending with just some slightly added content.. 

Still though, a very excellent game indeed!


I  think there may be actually three endings.. 

1. You watch it
2. You throw it away in the trash ( probably ends the same as 1 )
3. You send it to someone else (return to sender, which I chose )

I just saw some video of what happens if you watch it.. that skips what I saw when I sent it off, I essentially got a bunch of backstory on what happened there.

I imagine throwing it away probably also does the same as what watching it does..  neither one probably gives you the backstory.

So TECHNICALLY two endings since two of them end the same.. but there's three possible choices. 

You live or die.. I lived

You aren't wrong! There are 3 technically, I tried all of them when I played through it in my video, but I was sort of disappointed getting the same ending after going through the game a second time. It didn't stop a third attempt to get the "send it to someone else" end though haha