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rip I can't even download it properly, it downloads as a 7zip and tells me it cant be started because unityplayer.dll was not found or something

Can't wait to see the remastered! I'm definitely gonna have to play it :)

Definitely one of my favourite games I've played on my channel! This game is under an hour long, but it is easily more enjoyable than some games I've spent upwards of 6 hours on. With the simple art and the cute dialogue, I couldn't help but get attached to characters like Mo, and even the slick detective himself :) 

Just posted my playthrough of this masterpiece of a remake! I have to say, you really put some hard work into this and I appreciate that a ton! 

Am I the only one struggling to download it? I hit download and when it finishes it comes out as a microsoft word document

Loved playing this game on my channel for halloween! I ended up trying all endings after I got 2 endings on camera, I really hope you go places! 

If you enjoy the video consider commenting, liking, even subscribing and sharing! #DatingSim

Really enjoyed playing the game. I'm a sucker for horror, and I wasn't disappointed in the end of the game!