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Loved the game! 10/10 driving experience as well, I must say 

While I couldn't beat the game, it's one of the first that's truly made me scream like a little girl in a long time XD really well put together, glad I was able to find some secrets after my first playthrough!

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Loved this game! Can't wait to see what you make next 

Loved it! Thought about doing a "3 scary games", but I thought it deserved it's own video. Can't wait for the full release! 

did you go for the third ending? 

You aren't wrong! There are 3 technically, I tried all of them when I played through it in my video, but I was sort of disappointed getting the same ending after going through the game a second time. It didn't stop a third attempt to get the "send it to someone else" end though haha

Loved this game! Got both endings, surprised that throwing it out ended in the same ending as watching it though. 

Tried it, loved it

Absolutely love this game! I've always been intrigued by odd indie games like these, but this one actually really caught my interest all the way through. I have to ask though, what inspired you? 

Honestly, when I first saw the game on steam, I wasn't sure if I truly would enjoy it when I saw the price (judging a book by it's cover, I know), but I'd heard a few good things and I've never been willing to give up on a chance to get scared. My god, am I glad I did. This game is atmospheric as heck, and unnerving.  

Ever since the first Frog Detective game, I've been waiting and hoping that the second game would truly come out. And Grace, you did not disappoint! This game is a classic, and I can't wait for the next one! The only thing that's been on my mind since I played the second, was who the mole was in the back.... 

Can't wait to see the remastered! I'm definitely gonna have to play it :)

Definitely one of my favourite games I've played on my channel! This game is under an hour long, but it is easily more enjoyable than some games I've spent upwards of 6 hours on. With the simple art and the cute dialogue, I couldn't help but get attached to characters like Mo, and even the slick detective himself :) 

Am I the only one struggling to download it? I hit download and when it finishes it comes out as a microsoft word document

Loved playing this game on my channel for halloween! I ended up trying all endings after I got 2 endings on camera, I really hope you go places! 

If you enjoy the video consider commenting, liking, even subscribing and sharing! #DatingSim

Really enjoyed playing the game. I'm a sucker for horror, and I wasn't disappointed in the end of the game!