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If to delve more into speculative visions of the future, there is probably no bigger cult influence for our ~generation, than the movie and a concept, provided by the brand of The Matrix. If people actually ever migrate - in some form or another - to a virtual reality, in an attempt of artificiating an eternal life, while believing this to be a shape of sentient, post-organic "life" {this is actually scary}, what would happen to these, in case the sustainability of technology supporting such an "eternal life", suffered? Would such seized identities even realize their fate?


the low tech future will not precipitate any post-organic life, but it could precede some organic computing. sustainability and the cost of computing will be so intrinsic to life in the low tech future that you wouldn't dare to try to live forever in an electronic dream

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It is still unclear to me whether your concept of 'low tech future' does describe primarily a "fork" of the actual or reasonably expected, earthly reality, such as most 'post-apocalyptic' scenarios do - or is it a vision of organic evolution, describing an entire, parallel - perhaps extraterrestrial - reality, which has come to different conclusions and different status quo of technology?