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Thank you!
Yeah, as I said in the comment below (I've no shame in quoting myself if that's exactly what I want to say):
"This game is a lot different from "sleepthrough", but it shares the same concept of an unconsciously told story, which can be more powerful than a plainly scripted plot.
There are things that simple words can't explain."

So, yep. The visual heights that "sleepthrough" reached are still the most refined thing I've ever made, but I think that "The Corpse Behind The Window" has a much stronger emotional value based, above all, on dialogues and music.

About the story, I'll leave here something to help you think about it:

  • Some quite serious events happened before your current situation.
  • The key elements of those events are scattered throughout the dialogues and dreams.
  • Something outside the "active" game structure is lurking through the stains.
  • Keep in mind that emerald can also be a name.
  • Where's the knife? Is it involved with the above-mentioned events?
  • You're not dead. You're the only one still alive.
  • Who has put "something" underground?
  • Whose is the corpse?
  • Some dreams are just symbols, some other are real existing places.
  • What's the connection between you and the doctor?

Thanks again for the video!

Bye! 👋