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Awesome work so far, as a big fan of Skelemania it was quite jarring to see this entire new style, but I actually think it works quite well. (Please add a secret room with the original textures as an easter egg in the final game! :p)

Anyways, a few notes so far:

  • For some reason, when I kick an enemy out of the screen it just instantly respawns to where it last was.
  • The controls were really nice imo
  • The abilities felt a bit OP, (or where given too soon, although this was probably for demo reasons...) to a point where enemies didn't really feel like a threat anymore.
  • I wasn't able to die? My health depleted to zero and then I just could keep going. This is obviously a bug but I guess I should point it out incase you overlooked it or something...
I'm REALLY hyped for how it's going to turn out, so good luck!

Thanks! I have considered adding an easter egg with the original sprites, and might do it. We'll see...

Enemy respawning isn't perfect yet, still working on perfecting that. The abilities in the demo will not be there in the final game, but will be spread out across the different locations. The only ability that'll stay where it is now is dive. We haven't programmed death yet to make it easier for testing, might be one of the last things we do actually.

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Alright, sweet! Definitely keep up the good work, can't wait to play it when it get's released. :)