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Hi there!

First of all, thanks a bunch for picking up the game! I really appreciate it and am honored you wanna pursue all the endings.

It's my policy not to give away the exacts of how to get an ending publicly, but I can give you some hints. The True Ending can be achieved by being careful what you use and say in the bunker-- some items you can keep, and some things must be done in a specific order. Or, there's a hidden way to cheat it in... uh-oh!

With Beracus dying, you'll also need a specific item (something... dangerous) and Lee needs to be in a state where he wouldn't care if Beracus lives or dies. This is a tougher one to get, as it's more specific, but again, you could secretly cheat it in, if you know how!

As for the endings glitch: I've heard of one other person with this problem and I'm truly not sure how it could be happening. The endings only have ONE place where they are triggered to go off, and so you should HAVE to get to that place in the script for the game for it to work.

Do you mind letting me know: If you're playing the Itchio version of the game? If so, is it for PC, Mac or Linux? Or are you on the Steam version of the game? Have you ever had any version of the game prior? (The update before this for example, or a beta test file?) This will help me in fixing the problem.

Thanks so so much!

I have read some of the other comments here so I know that i need some other items for the endings. Could you tell me about the items I need if I give you my email?

 I got the game on steam and I have never downloaded any version of it before this. I hope this helps. :)

I will tell you about the items if you give me your e-mail, yes.

Follow-up question: did the endings activate inside the game (the internal endings list) or was it in the Steam achievements list where they activated?

Because I had one other person say all of the achievements went off at once and I have no idea what could have caused it; as this is my first game on steam and the back end of Steam isn't the most graceful, to put it nicely. I will have to try and address this in my next patch, I have literally no clue what could be causing it. @u@;

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My email is 

The 8/8 showed up in both steam and the game.  

Okay, good to know, thank you! I will be addressing the issue this weekend and putting out a patch. It probably won't retroactively effect your game though, and you'll most likely keep the achievements. Sorry about that!

I'll send you an e-mail now.

Again thank you so much for the help!

I will definitely play the prologue!