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1. Did believing you could play this only once impact how you made decisions?

Actually, yes, it kinda gave me certain consciousness to remain in-character and reconsidering every little detail and my consistency of choices.

2. What do SAL and Ash look like in your mind? Did you mentally assign a gender to either or both characters?

Ash is androgynous name and already using "they" pronoun, and it's not that hard for me to imagine a non-binary character. For SAL, and other non-descriptive MC and the main pov for the story, I tend to go as a feminine figure. There is something like default images for this kinda narrative a perks of being a veteran in text-based RPG ha ha, and it will stay or change depends on more descriptions of said character appeared in the story, like in a fitting room.

3. What choices did you make? How did your game end?

I chose to bluntly discuss about their current romantic relationship, the concern for different view of the said relationship become the mayor reason which is based on my personal concern irl too tbh, and I am pretty satisfied with the decision to take one day time to consider their talk until the next day of Ash visit. Is there a certain different title for the ending, tho? Because I only see the same title of "Somewhere Near Romance" at the end of it and probably miss other than that :')

4. What did you like and dislike about this game?

It narrates well about the touchy subjects of building and maintaining a relationship, also it's always fascinate me when two characters who seems opposite of each other are actually-subtly-alternately conversing with their own partner's pattern of speech (SAL's concern sounds more humane, and Ash's keeping track and counter SAL's logic). The things which infuriates me a little is that I can't know how the story goes in the other choices until much later after I comment here :'v

5. How did this game make you feel?

Wistful, and explained more in no.7 below. 

6. Do you want to see these characters again? What would you want to see in a follow-up?

This one is pretty wrapped up, so a continuation is not always a necessity, I guess. Oh wait... for that meeting after that "wistful discourse ending" tho... you can give a little closure or conclusion of their relationship! A prequel of how Ash met SAL or how SAL's life and lesson before meeting them, or even the current discussion from Ash emotional pov can also be considered.

7. What predictions do you have for SAL and Ash's relationship? Where do you see it going?

As my last choice going something like "a discourse can strengthen or destroy a relationship". Well, like the choice itself foretold, it can go one way or another, or they peacefully get back to being just friends.... but regarding Ash seems pretty emotional, that will hurts (what have I done to these two fella and my poor melancholic mind :')))) )

8. Any other things you want to mention?

The list of inspirational sources is such a nice addition to the mind working behind the story.

Thanks so much for the feedback and the wistful comments!  I also appreciate how you liked the inspirational sources that the end--that means a lot! ^u^