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Did you use something like Tyranobuilder for the game...? I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence, but I played a demo of a different game which was made with this app/software and it crashed for me as well as messed up BGM tracks in-game. I wasn't the only one with that problem too and the devs are now considering looking at other tools instead of Tyrano. Again, not sure if it's merely coincidental though.

Also, this might seem like a random question, but would you ever consider making games and putting them on the Nintendo Switch...?

Yup, we are using Tyranobuilder. I guess thats good that it's not the only ones, but thats bad if the software is giving everyone trouble. We have to release the demo in Tyrano, but hopefully we can get full game released in more stable program.

Mobile platforms are next on priority list, but we could look into Nintendo Switch. Cheers!