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Sorry for my last response! I did manage to download it just fine this time, and I enjoyed the demo so I backed your KS. I look forward to the full game! :D

Are you able to host the demo on itch.io itself or something? I tried to download from mega but it keeps freezing early on in the download - 27% and claims that it's downloading at a good speed but the completion rate doesn't move at all even after 2 hours. Initially I had problems trying to even get mega to start downloading so I don't feel too optimistic about being able to try the demo.

This game is amazing. I love it so much. Cried when it finished, it was super sweet and touching. Thank you so much for making this game.

Did you use something like Tyranobuilder for the game...? I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence, but I played a demo of a different game which was made with this app/software and it crashed for me as well as messed up BGM tracks in-game. I wasn't the only one with that problem too and the devs are now considering looking at other tools instead of Tyrano. Again, not sure if it's merely coincidental though.

Also, this might seem like a random question, but would you ever consider making games and putting them on the Nintendo Switch...?

I just played this despite having a weak stomach for horror (I scare too easily) but I couldn't resist after seeing this amazing art. Thankfully I didn't find it terrifying at all...? Game froze twice in separate playthroughs, had to close and restart from the last autosave point. Looking at some comments here, it looks like I'm not the only one. I highly enjoyed this and will definitely be checking out your patreon and other games, I hope to see a sequel or simply more content of these two! I particularly like Nina's design. :3 Thanks for making this game!

The demo was pretty enjoyable! The art looks lovely too. Throughout the demo, there were lots of 'schwing' kind of sounds that I felt were quite distracting, even though I assume they were meant to draw attention to a change in which character was currently speaking. It wasn't something I particularly liked about the demo, but I liked most of everything else that I saw. :)