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Hi Dasius, we really need you map out all the input please. I accidently open the stat menu( with name, strength, agility, charisma, reset, level). I cant find any button to close it. so annoying. BTW. I would say have a button to change the mouse control mode,

1- FPS mode ( hide mouse and mouse movement is move the camera)

2- Interaction ( This one mostly for open setting and anything else that to interact with UI on the screen)

So annoying when open the menu and don't see where the mouse is.

Hey goamk,

I do have something in the works for input mapping. can't give a timeline when I'll be able to have it out but it should be soon.

on the note of skill menu, i cant fully see the sheet it pretty much opens diagonally for me and cuts of the half the description for charisma, is this my resolution or just a bug?