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Just a few ideas from me after playing until I got $10k. Great game, by the way. Absolutely loved it!

- Cycling through the weapon heads can be time consuming, and strength upgrade doesn't help reduce the number of strikes, maybe have a selection wheel or bar for the intended output of your hammering before you begin (you can still cycle, but you choose which one comes out first).

- Since the main focus of this game is "make money", the experience mechanic doesn't fit well. It would make more sense to buy upgrades with your earnings. Like a bigger/stronger hammer that takes fewer swings, more storage space, new blade/hammer designs (which means you'd start with just the basics), better shoes for speed increase, the ability to use the more expensive materials (you really shouldn't have the ability to forge steel stuff the moment you can afford the ingots). You could even have an "order requester" upgrade tree such as more orders per day (you'd have a limit at the beginning, forcing you to stock up ahead), the ability to buy better materials, etc. I'd say remove the experience mechanism and make people spend their hard earned money on making the shop or your character better.

- The money really comes rolling in after you're done with copper, but the distance between copper and tin is a factor of 10 and it's no more than a factor of 2 between all other materials. I'd say make tin a little cheaper, and make the other materials even more expensive. I didn't spend much time with iron at all, moved right into steel/mithril after tin.

- I noticed the papers all reset to default locations when loading up the game. First thing I do is move them out of the way and they keep coming back. I understand the need to instruct new players by strategically placing the paper instructions, but maybe save their locations for returning players.

- The snap-to feature on the anvil is wonderful! This would be helpful for other parts of the shop, such as displays that the customers can take from. I gave up positioning weapons and just handed things to people as they requested them. Also, the pole arm displays above the door are a little hard to reach, the zoom doesn't always get you far enough: you have to drop the weapon, step away from it, then pick it back up. Maybe replace the decorative shields display wall with stuff for sale as well.

Well, that's probably enough ideas to keep you busy for awhile! Great work so far! Can't wait to see how awesome this can get!

The decorative shields aren't decorative, they are an omen for blacksmithing to come. ;)