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yes I do,

1. This game is just a rip off (or fan game).

2. Baldi's BASICS feels like the nostalgia of the 90's while this game is just 90's but it feels like a sonic exe 3D game 

3. Baldi has more fans

4. More YouTubers play Bbieal than Aewvs 

5. This game is just copying Baldi (like I say in 1.)

6. This game is impossible at least Baldi is giving a easy start ("baby steps")

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1. Yes, while it is, indeed, somewhat a ripoff amalgamation, it's also so much more than that.

2. I don't think this game is "just 90's" (like, some of the things featured in the game are way too new) and I've played a Sonic3D.exe game and let me tell you, it is nothing like that. It's even slower than AEWVS, despite being more simple AND forcefully lowering the resolution. Have you played many horror games other than Sonic.exe? You know, in this game, you're actually the shining light of hope, while in Sonic.exe, you're the one being attacked and played with for no more reason other than a devilish god's fun. And in the meta sense, too.

3. Yeah, and Sonic has more fans too. Looks like Baldi ripped off Sonic too, but that was actually quite original.

4. What do you expect from such a game of any kind? I'm also trying hard to neutralise that. Version 0.0.1 (the first alpha) was so new and different, but also what you'd expect of a generic "fangame" of it's kind that they played it once and ditched it for more trendy and important things to play. As it's been abandoned, MrDrNose kept going at it and piling stuff onto it to push it closer to completion and make it the best game it can be. As for the plans to bring the game all the way back to relevance again, I have ideas.

5. I know, the gameplay premise, notebooks, math teacher, grey rule enforcers, sweeping janitors, vending machines, quarters, soda, chocolate and stamina are pretty much all the same, which is why even newcomers judge it to be so similar (that's pretty much what they show you at the start). I'm not even going to count the amount of things that aren't, especially the part where Baldi "dies" bloodily.

6. This is ADVANCED education. I've played this game for so long that every time I play it, I blitz the arithmetic and see the part where you pick up the calculator and press the buttons as detrimental (apart from in the overly difficult questions). I can beat the Lil Puss and Boi modes without one.

God, stop calling this game a rip-off. A rip-off are those stupid mobile baldi amalgamations. This game right here is a masterpiece.

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OK...I think there's something we don't get.

I was supposed to keep it away from everybody about how really the only original things are the layout of the game as well as some of the Blender models and other things. All the other graphics and soundtracks are either copyrighted, stock or searched, with some edits on some of them. So I didn't even say anything last time I talked about AEWVS under a similar comment and you said a thing. Anyway yes, it still is technically an amalgamated rip-off, but honestly I don't care about that. I just try to say and argue things as they are, regardless of whether I care or not, and I'm pretty sure that's the case here.

Pretty much the only real original sound file is the Watcher's line in Christmas Curse, and as for the 26 characters, only 6 or so of them weren't based on or taken from anywhere. Just imagine all those people and soundtracks mashed together in a somewhat coherent way.

After learning how undone the game was in this way, I got past that anyway because I seem to always get over things. Remember the first time I saw Viktor "without the mask" as well as the rest. And yeah, those games are probably bigger ripoffs since they just mod it and put random characters in that pretty much make it cringy for the same reason (like come on, why be seriously involved in a silly mod by a young person when you have a much more important role to fulfill? Characters are hopeless nowadays.) and also barely do anything to make themselves as deep, unique or even thousandth-bothered as AEWVS.

If you don't get my point yet, try and be specific, I guess.

You know I actually do appreciate this thing. If I didn't, I wouldn't feel outcast and lonely enough to make an entire comment detailing plans on how to make this game more popular. This is, like, quite underrated, and it's been nearly 2 years. You know, for a game that took only a few months to work on in the start it's surprisingly deep. Anyway, I don't really know what else to say. *sigh* It's like I'll never be able to think of the right thing to say to say my peace. I've tried saying a lot but I'm still apparently in the wrong here. And I can barely think because this mobile's making the text box really narrow so that doesn't help. But like why am I just never getting anywhere? Do you think I bother to care about all the dumb and confusing things about AEWVS as opposed to all the good things?

Like we even argued about the spoilers when I said a lot of things were very well-hidden and should stay that way for good reason. Players shouldn't even know the characters even exist before they become suspicious, and they should be led to do that on their own, not have the community show them everything or anything and ruin the suspense and oblivion (though, to be fair, MrDrNose evidently barely cares how well he hid them either, so he does he I guess). Those were very good secrets but nobody cared.

I don't even really know what to do or say anymore but like, *sigh* just...don't, like...

(sits for 8 minutes in silence)

OK I know I'm supposed to say something but I've pretty much run out of things to say. Please tell me I've said all my points successfully. I've read this comment several times trying to see if I missed anything. I don't really want to keep doing this. I just hope I can get to an understanding soon...

You know what? If you only care about the popularity or originality of a game and don't appreachiate ones inspiration, creativity and work, stop commenting on this page.