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Baldi 2.0

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Hey I need help with my baldi fan game with unity Baldis basics 2


yes I do,

1. This game is just a rip off (or fan game).

2. Baldi's BASICS feels like the nostalgia of the 90's while this game is just 90's but it feels like a sonic exe 3D game 

3. Baldi has more fans

4. More YouTubers play Bbieal than Aewvs 

5. This game is just copying Baldi (like I say in 1.)

6. This game is impossible at least Baldi is giving a easy start ("baby steps")

If this is not a fan game why is this Baldi but scary



With ddlc

Baldi party

Why is a ten year old making a Baldi basics mod

boo Baldi is more better than you

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Description released: he sharps his pencil BECAUSE He just stabs people for no reason he will even stab it's a bully, playtime, baldi (sometimes), principal of the thing, anyone like them he will stab. 

"I'll stab you with my sharp pencil"

тhe dАлкеsт оf меhmеez

Look pensil boy

no im stop now


DaNk memeaz 

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I need help with my game Baldi's Basics 2 (Основы Бальди 2) 

Edit: I need help with unity 

no it's me who better

Sure, look at my game https// (I bet it's better)

r u scared I guess that you are scared of russain Baldi until get out while you still can


your welcome

Dank memes

My art is cool like yours

I like the art it's like bbieal 2 art

Hey I need help with my fan game of baldi Basics called Baldi's Basics 2 (Основы Бальди 2) made with unity  teach me plz they are getting angry :( and it's hard to make even with coding

Just look at mee 

... I more better 

о да :( и я забыл плохую сумму 

Oooooooh great for the Baldi Basics (the test) after bbieal 2

They can be in game though

N e v e r 

O k

thats me!

123 балди is better idc if baldi not look at u it is early and russed

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Нет, я, Балди, фанат игр и создатель idc

ok I'ma Baldi fan games maker and you are

B baldi's-basics-isnotbasic

A - hahahahahahahahaha

L - LOL-ursobad

D - Dont-messwithme

I - iyeeeeeeeeet

2.0 - 2.0 Балди

Yay Russia baldi trip сделать Kickstarter демо россия

ur mom a cunt..

"i will kill your mom" лол подожди, ты говоришь по-русски