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Hi there,

I need to ask, why do you use a platform like Itch to advertise your game and only release it on Steam when complete? Do you believe the boomers of the gaming industry that adding DRM somehow prevents pirates from distributing you game or is there a more technical reason behind all of this?


Hello! It'll be added to Itch at some point, probably sooner than later! In fact I just wanted to focus on launch to get the game more marketed in Steam, and then release on Itch later, but I'm not against DRM free lol

I would understand this answer if I was asking for an XBOX1 port of a PS4 game, but we're talking about taking a game from one PC distributor to another PC distributor. Hell, this is Itch, most games you download here are just zipped :p

I'm sorry, I wasn't very clear. I didn't mean to say I had to do a port of the game to post on Itch, just that I wanted to give some time before posting on itch so I could focus on marketing the game on Steam before putting in another store. It also ensures the game comes to Itch with most of the bugs fixed, which is better to anyone buying here.

OK, guess I'll wait. BTW, Degica will allow you to publish the game yourself on Itch? I'm just asking because they never go with a DRM-Free option (Itch and GOG for example).