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64-bit. Most Linux users are running 64-bit OSes these days.

I see. Maybe its compatibility issue, Starting next update, I'll upload 32bit and 64bit version for linux version. Please download 64bit version when it's ready, maybe tomorrow.

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You may also want to ask around the Godot forums about bundling some of the libraries with the Linux version of the game. This is common practice for games sold from places like GOG and Humble. Steam has it's own runtime for games, but it's still basically the same idea.

Oh, I see. Noted. I've read awhile ago that Godot can bundle external libs, but I must recompile it myself. Anyway, Thanks for the suggestion. And by the way, the latest version is up with 64 bit version for linux, Please try it. :)

Still getting the segmentation fault.

"$ ./RD_Linux64
Segmentation fault (core dumped)"

I am not as familiar with Godot as I'd like to be, but I've not run into this problem with other games made in the engine like Tanks of Freedom or Dolphin Island 2.

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The libXrandr.so error isn't there anymore? The game forced close or doesn't open?

I'll double check my exporting setting and code.

Right. The libXrander is gone in the 64-bit version.

So, maybe next time i got it right. it's about export setting from what i read in godot forum. Please test it in the next update, I'll inform you if the next update is ready. Thank you. :)