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Thank you for your suggestion, I'll make note of it. :)

I'm so glad that someone still try this prototype. Right now this project is still progressing slowly. I'll make sure the demo will be uploaded as soon as it ready.

Yeah, if you use fedora again, please test the latest update of my game again.
Anyway thanks for your help. :)

Good, 1 more confirmed linux distro. :)
But what about Fedora? You still use it?

Hey, DeadWire, can you test it again?
I already test it on Ubuntu and Linux Mint and it works perfectly.

Asus, currently run on windows 8.1.

Bundling means recompile, and recompile works best in linux. And right now i dont have linux. So, nah. :(
Yesterday I try installing Ubuntu but i think my laptop hate linux, My live usb installer unreadable, cannot load in BIOS. :(

Maybe I'll try to use Virtual OS within windows to recompile the engine and testing this project in Linux. Hope it works.

Heee? The error appear again??

The latest update is up. Please test it. Hope it fix all the errors. :)

So, maybe next time i got it right. it's about export setting from what i read in godot forum. Please test it in the next update, I'll inform you if the next update is ready. Thank you. :)

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The error isn't there anymore? The game forced close or doesn't open?

I'll double check my exporting setting and code.

Oh, I see. Noted. I've read awhile ago that Godot can bundle external libs, but I must recompile it myself. Anyway, Thanks for the suggestion. And by the way, the latest version is up with 64 bit version for linux, Please try it. :)

I see. Maybe its compatibility issue, Starting next update, I'll upload 32bit and 64bit version for linux version. Please download 64bit version when it's ready, maybe tomorrow.

Nice! Thank You.

I have a question. Your Fedora, is it 64bit or 32bit?

Maybe in the future, but not now. If I open sourcing the code, the code will become public and anyone can use it, yes? In this project, I only do writing all code and the 2D/GUI assets, but the 3D is not (I looking for help in the 3D assets tho), so well, i will give it some thought.

Oh, maybe it's engine error. I'll ask this in the engine forum. Would you mind to test it again in the next update? :)