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New version hopefully out soon! A few more bugs to track down, and then we should be goood.

Here's some patch notes to tide you folks over. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Bumped version to 1.006.
  • Patched out GameSpy from dedicated/hosted servers and the server browser.
  • Fixed a bug in ai path finding causing values to not always be accurate.
  • Fixed a silent out of range bug that could cause enemies to disappear and travel to a nearby galaxy at FTL speed!
  • Made the console key rebindable. (It's at the very bottom of the custom controls list.)
  • Added Big Head Mode! It's currently a little buggy, but humourous. Check the console command list on how to enable it.
  • Included some patched binaries to help improve compatibility.
  • Added a windowed mode toggle to the display options.
  • Added anisotropic filtering to advanced performance options.
  • Fixed shadows disappearing between cutscenes and saved games.

Hyped for this :)