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If this is not a fan game why is this Baldi but scary

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It actually is, if MrDrNose is at all a fan or indifferent to BBIEAL, according to definition. (There's no need to argue with that if it proves to be a good one, people.)

And I know it has too much in common with BBIEAL but after a while it gets pretty unique. Generally I'd say it's more serious and in-depth than BBIEAL (although it also isn't sometimes because Viktor is canonically a memer like MrDrNose).

But MrDrNose said dozens of times that he isn't a fan of Baldi. He just got inspired by it.

Hmm...I don't really know if I can take that in but I guess that's fair enough.

It's not Baldi but scarier. If this was Baldi, it would be, well, Baldi. It would be just another mod, but it's not.

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