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Great question! (And I'm glad you enjoyed the demo!)

Yuu is actually heavily based off of myself. I'm not sure if I did this intentionally or not, it just sort of happened as I wrote the game. And a lot of the people who know me in real life picked that up right away, hahaha.

Now, it's important to note that Yuu is definitely an exaggerated version for the purpose of entertainment, but I still feel like he heavily embodies what [I believe] it means to be clinically/chronically depressed and thanatophobic, among other unnamed illnesses. The 'nightmare' scenes (Which there will be more of) are things I only write when I can feel myself "slipping."

Each character in Nothing is Beautiful contains a different piece of me, so it's great to see all of them being received so well.

Thanks again for commenting and I hope you enjoy the final version when it comes out!

I see, thank you for your answer ! I do not have myself that disability, but I am autistic and advocate for disability rights and neurodivergeance acceptance so even though I do not know exactly what it is to have psychosis and thought that Nothing Is Beautiful so far treats it with respect, I wanted to be sure if you had knowledge about it ! You say sometime you are "slipping", I hope making this game is helping you and that I'll get to see more of your work in the future ! I think that it was really well written. These days I have terrible concentation issue and the fact I was able to read all of the demo in one sitting and really enjoyed it means a  lot to me ! Thank you for this game ^^