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Very cute game, a bit too easy and  not a lot of option (or maybe i'm not playing it right ?) and an optino to change the controls would be nice (I have an azerty nfgksg) but very nice !

I see, thank you for your answer ! I do not have myself that disability, but I am autistic and advocate for disability rights and neurodivergeance acceptance so even though I do not know exactly what it is to have psychosis and thought that Nothing Is Beautiful so far treats it with respect, I wanted to be sure if you had knowledge about it ! You say sometime you are "slipping", I hope making this game is helping you and that I'll get to see more of your work in the future ! I think that it was really well written. These days I have terrible concentation issue and the fact I was able to read all of the demo in one sitting and really enjoyed it means a  lot to me ! Thank you for this game ^^

I really liked the demo, I can't wait for the full game ! I was wondering if you have any experience with those disaibilities or if you interviewed people about it ?