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The majority of sex scenes are not animated. This is not that type of game.

Yeaaaaaah I work hard, Imao. Best place to report bugs is on the Discord. There’s a channel reserved for it.

Read the changelog 

Sounds to me like you downloaded a pirated copy since that was fixed weeks ago and not in this build.

It's definitely playable on Joiplay as there are a bunch of people currently using it, but I can't troubleshoot this for you as I don't own an Android device. There's a tech support channel on the Discord with people who can help you, though. Link is in the game bio.

Nah you're just a fucking liar lmao

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You're just straight up wrong tbh, semantics have nothing to do with it. It is impossible to get a time that low unless you're holding down skip for the entire game. Killing 1.3 million words in 18-20 hours would require reading at the combined speed of five humans with above average reading speed at once.

The actual average based on the multitude of people who have reported their times on the Discord range anywhere from the 70-120 hour range. Median is probably somewhere around 95-105.

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This game is 1.3 million words.

It is longer than the entire Lord of the Rings series combined.

It is longer than the entire Harry Potter series combined.

It is almost the length of two bibles.

It is one of the actual longest games ever written.

It takes way longer than 12 hours.

With an average reading speed of 250 words per minute, you are looking at over 80 hours, and that's knowing exactly what you are supposed to do. Which you will not.

Estimated time for most players is closer to 100 hours as of 0.23.0 Part 2.

Yeah, don’t skip through text in a game where all you do is read. It wasn’t an accident. The answer is up there for like five minutes. 

You are told what to do in an earlier event. Finding it is the key.

There is one more piece to the puzzle

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The SFW version isn't even available anymore and was never uploaded here so I have no idea what you're talking about.


You mean like the one the game gives you five seconds after you start it?

Thanks for all your feedback and thank you for playing!

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Idk man, ask the tens of thousands of people who disagree with you. This game is successful because I do what I want. If I cared about player feedback, Yumi would be getting railed every three events and like half of the girls would also have dicks. Do what the game has been telling you to do for over a year and quit if you aren’t having fun. Those puzzles literally exist to weed out players who don’t want to put any work in.

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Sucks for them, I ain't changing shit. I love my game and I'm going to keep making it exactly how I want. Y'all can fuck right off if you're not enjoying it, this shit is free. I don't work for you.

It will be a series of small updates!

Nine days without a response from itch right now. Will get the game back online as soon as I can, but I can't do anything if they literally will not respond to me.

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It wouldn't only be "great," it would be proper legal procedure. Internet service providers are required to inform creators immediately upon removing any of their content from a platform. Failure to do so is in non-compliance with DMCA takedown procedure and infringes upon our right to fight back against claims and participate in the legal process. 

I'll admit that it's been almost a full two years since I worked in the legal field, so I may be a bit rusty. Thankfully, I've had the last week to brush up on the specifics of this while waiting for support to provide me the form they asked me if I wanted!

Thanks for letting me know! I'll look into this right away

I am not asking for information on when support will contact me, I simply want to know the methodology of this from other creators/users with experience in the matter. I don't believe this applies to the account restrictions/bans rule as it applies to a specific game and my account seems entirely unaffected.

I'm the developer of what I think is decently popular game here and, without any explanation as to why, itch locked the downloads for it last week, prompting a large influx of complaints from players who now have to go somewhere else to download it. The game has been active on itch for two years now, so the sudden locking of downloads for a game that's getting thousands of views on average each day is not only affecting my income, but just doesn't seem to make much sense. And while this is definitely something I think creators should be informed of when it happens (considering the first I heard of it was from a fan), I'm not about to pretend the world revolves around me.

I just want to hear from anyone else with experience in the matter since I was never informed of why something like this would happen and have been unable to find any information about this anywhere else on the site.

Click ignore. That error is fixed in the next version of the game.

A few people have come up with fixes for this on the Discord. I'm not sure why the Mac version is suddenly not starting properly considering I haven't changed anything about the way the game is built, but I'm looking into it.


If it won’t trigger, you don’t have all the requirements.

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I am pantheist

Oh no 1 star how will I ever survive

There will definitely be yuri scenes in the future.

That sounds odd. If you join the Discord and send me your save I can take a look at it.







You quit

That's my favorite manga so I'm glad to hear that!

Game is too big for Android now. Check the description.

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There are 223 animated loops in the game as of 0.19.0

A good idea would have been writing down the line that says "THIS IS THE IP ADDRESS. WRITE IT DOWN BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED IT LATER." 

It's during the scene that mocks players for not paying attention.

I'm glad you keep checking back! I definitely will get back to this one day, I just have to focus on my other game right now as that's how I'm making a living.

That is a known issue and will be fixed in the next update

I hope more people in Asian countries can play one day. Sadly, it is expensive to translate and the game is already very long